Orlando International Airport Vegan Options (2021 Guide)

Orlando International Airport

Currently walking through the Orlando International Airport and trying to find the best vegan options to grab a bite to eat?

You’re in the right place!

This guide will show you the best vegan options that we have been able to compile throughout the Orlando Airport. Even better, we’ll show where you can find each of these options. No need to play the vegan roll-the-dice game where you decide whether to stop at the ‘okay’ option you just found or keep walking down and crossing your fingers.

That’s the game I found myself playing one day walking through the Atlanta Airport and decided this was insanity and there should just be a list or guide that shows you where to find vegan food in an airport.

So we built one.

Here are the best vegan options we are aware of in the Orlando Airport. Are we missing a good one? Please contact us and let us know so we can improve this guide!

Vegan Options at Orlando Airport

Gates 1-29

Burger King

Impossible Whopper at Burger King
Currently the “Number 3 Combo” at Burger King. Impossible Whopper (make sure to order with no mayo!), fries and a drink.

With the addition of the Impossible Whopper, Burger King instantly became one of the vegan-friendliest fast food chains. Pair it with some fries and you’ve got a quick and easy vegan order while you’re passing through the airport.


Starbucks now features Oat Milk at all of their US locations. They’ve also recently released a Chickpea Bites & Avocado ‘protein box’. It’s basically a healthier adult version of a Lunchable that many of us grew up on. It’s not the most exciting vegan option, but it’s definitely a step in a positive direction.

Gates 30-59, Food Court


Freshens is a ‘healthy options’ spot that are often found in airports. They have a bunch of vegan smoothies that you can choose from (straight from the menu, no need to modify). You can also ‘create-your-own’ salad as well.


Qdoba Impossible Fajita Bowl
The Impossible Meat really takes an already good Qdoba bowl over the top!

Qdoba has some excellent vegan options. They recently partnered with Impossible Meat and have an Impossible Fajita Bowl with rice, black beans, Impossible Meat, fajita peppers and salsa that can be ordered directly as-is straight off the menu. Low stress ordering and delicious food makes Qdoba a top 3 pick.

Gates 70-99

Auntie Anne’s

Have you been passing by Auntie Anne’s your entire vegan life because you just assumed that there was no way those delicious smelling pretzels could possibly be vegan?

Well, it turns out there are multiple vegan pretzel options at Auntie Anne’s and even some vegan dipping sauces! Indulge!

Burger King

The is the second Burger King location in the airport. Check just above on this page for ordering suggestions.


Starbucks has a total of 4 locations in the Orlando Airport. Check the Starbucks entry just above (Gates 1-29) for suggestions.

Gates 100-129

Auntie Anne’s

There are a total of 3 Auntie Anne locations in the Orlando Airport. 5 of their varieties of pretzel – Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Sweet Almond, Raisin and Jalapeno – are vegan! Pair your pretzel with either the Marinara Sauce or Sweet Glaze Dip for an amazing sweet treat!


Chipotle Vegan Bowls and Chips
Chipotle’s vegan bowls along with a bag of chips to scoop is our favorite way to eat vegan at Chipotle

If you’re in gates 100-129, you’ve hit the jackpot! At least that’s how I feel when I stumble across a Chipotle, my all-time favorite place to grab a bite to eat.

Go with a burrito or bowl, either of the rice and beans choices, sofritas, veggies, salsa, lettuce and guacamole for a meal that will have you ready to take that nap on the plane you’ve been waiting for.


Starbucks has a total of 4 locations in the Orlando Airport. Check the Starbucks entry just above (Gates 1-29) for suggestions.

Main Terminal Food Court

Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s has 3 locations within the Orlando Airport. Check the entries above for Auntie Anne’s suggestions.


Moe's Homewrecker Burrito
The Homewrecker Burrito with Moe’s Organic Tofu. Don’t forget chips and salsa! Those are both vegan too!

Moe’s may be one of the best spots to find vegan food in the airport. Simply create your own burrito with your choice of any of the ingredients (including Organic Tofu) that we list on our Moe’s Vegan Guide. 

Panda Express

The Eggplant Tofu, Chow Mein and Vegetable Springs are all great vegan options at Panda Express.

Note: We’ve heard many Panda Express’s are running on a limited menu at the moment and the Eggplant Tofu is not on the menu at many locations. Check with your location to confirm availability.

Main Terminal North Walk

Dunkin’ Donuts

No vegan donuts, but multiple bagel selections (like Everything and Cinnamon Raisin) and some really good hash browns makes Dunkin’ a solid choice. Dunkin’ also now offers both Almond and Oat Milk (though at an extra charge) which makes many coffee combinations possible.

Main Terminal Level 1-B Side


New Starbucks Spring Items
The new Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, Ice Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso, Chickpea Box and a cameo from our Miss Mia.

Starbucks has a total of 4 locations in the Orlando Airport. Check the Starbucks entry just above (Gates 1-29) for suggestions.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this guide to the vegan options at the Orlando International Airport made your travel just a little bit better! If you have another airport stop in your near future, we have a growing list of airports there including locations like Atlanta and Philadelphia Airport!

Or just download the app and get access to them as soon as we add them!

*Featured Image Courtesy of Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA)

Disclaimer: We are working tirelessly to make sure all the information contained in VeggL is as accurate as possible and up to date. However, sometimes options change. If you notice a change at a restaurant that we need to know about, let us know. VeggL is not responsible for out of date or incorrect information.


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