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21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 13-15

21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 13-15

21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 13-15 As every other post has started… I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist–just a vegan lady trying a new way of eating challenge. If you are new to my posts on the challenge, you […]

Kung Pao Tofu | Vegan Keto | Low Carb

Kung Pao Tofu | Vegan Keto | Low Carb I am going to be completely honest. This Kung Pao Tofu recipe’s taste in comparison to an authentic Kung Pao Chicken has been approved by Mr. VeggL. For me, I had never had it before. If […]

21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 10-12

21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 10-12

21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 10-12

First things first: I am NOT a doctor nor a nutritionist. I am just an almost 40 year old vegan lady who struggles to lose weight and decided to create a challenge for herself. Keep reading if you would like to see my days 10-12 update; meal ideas, a recipe, how I’m doing & my weight loss progress.

Day 10

This morning started out with good news. I’ve lost 8.8lbs. thus far.

How insane is that?

And to boot, I feel amazing! Where it turned south was my self-sabotage. This is a habit of mine. A terrible habit where when I have progress, I think it’s ok to make a left turn in to, “oh I can eat this and I can have that. I won’t fall back down in the rabbit hole.” Only problem is, I do fall back in the rabbit hole and I seem to never learn my lesson.

Today, I was so proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished so far that I decided I could have my extra Chocolate/Strawberry Protein Cups from a couple days ago outside of my eating time(today is OMAD).

I ate one–like I was sneaking it. Then the next…then the next. Please know these are not detrimental to my journey and I ended up fitting them in to my day but it’s the fact that I’m supposed to be following a plan and I ended up doing what I do. Self sabotage. Those protein cups could have easily been something else much more sugary and carby. And next time they will be if I don’t stop this pattern.

Thankfully, Mr. VeggL was home–his first day off work in 2 weeks! When he got up from sleeping, I confessed. Like a child. He said, “stay on track! you’re readers are counting on you!” I thought that was such a funny thing to say…

I have readers? I have followers? I’m potentially helping someone on their journey? Wow. Ok.

He Was Right

I Made A Plan For The Day

We were supposed to go out for the day and while out eat at a vegan Chinese restaurant. I had done all the research on how to attempt to eat keto at a Chinese restaurant and since we didn’t go, I ended up cooking at home & created a Vegan Keto Kung Pao Tofu Recipe. Soooo much YUM!
Kung Pao Tofu
Day 10 What I Ate:

  • Chocolate/Strawberry Protein Cups ->still testing out the recipe–need to make changes before I share
  • Dry Roasted Peanuts, 56.7g/2oz
  • Brazil Nut, 1 unsalted
  • Vegan Keto Kung Pao Tofu, 1serving <-NEW Recipe!
  • Frozen Cauliflower Rice, 3/4c
  • Frozen Broccoli, 32g


Day 11

Woke up with a very sore throat & stuffy nose. Do I have a cold? It’s been SO long since I’ve actually been sick or had a cold that I can’t decide. Was I sitting under an AC vent too much yesterday? Does the air filter need to be changed? <-that’s a yes- taking care of it.

Ugh! My intended food plan for the day was half accomplished & half not at all. If you’ve been following along with my Intermittent Fasting Plan from the Challenge Overview, today and tomorrow are 2MAD days. 🙂 🙂 After that, I’ll do another full day fast.
Day 11 Keto Challenge

Meal #1

Mediterranean Board of Yum! SO Much Food

  • Smoky Baba Ganoush, 1serving <-working on the recipe!
  • Cheesy Chia Crackers, 1serving
  • Okra, 225g <-I LOVE roasted plain okra! No seasonings or oil 🙂
    • Roast 400degrees for 30minutes
  • Seapoint Dry Roasted & Salted Edamame, 1/3c
  • Brami Sea Salt Lupini Snack, 1bag/25beans
  • Green Olives, 10olives
  • Dang Almond Vanilla, 1bar

Meal #2

  • Dang Bar Chocolate Sea Salt, 1bar
  • Smart Sweets Peach Rings, 2bags
  • Dry Roasted Peanuts, 2oz


Day 12

Still not feeling well. I did take a half day off work to sleep. Thankfully, I had leftovers from the day before for food and then kept it simple for the rest. I did have an event I went to that night & was starving when I got home. SO, instead of raiding the freezer where my husband is holding vegan ice cream hostage 😉 I chose to make myself a mini meal then went to bed. I’m actually proud of myself for not eating what I really wanted to.
Day 12 Keto Challenge

Meal #1

  • Gardein Beefless Ground, 3/4c
  • Earth Balance Butter, 1tbsp
  • Kale, 3c
  • Sunja’s Medium Spicy Kimchi, 28oz
  • Hellman’s Vegan Mayo, 1.5tbsp
  • Sea Salt, 1/2tsp
  • Dry Roasted Peanuts, 2oz

Meal #2

  • Cheesy Chia Crackers, 1serving
  • Baba Ganoush, 1serving
  • Green Olives, 10
  • Smart Sweets Peach Rings, 1bag

Mini “Not Planned” Meal

  • Gardein Sliced Italian Saus’age, 1serving
  • Earth Balance Butter, 1/2tbsp
  • Hellman’s Vegan Mao, 1/2tbsp
  • gimMe Roasted Seaweed Teryaki, 1package

Supplements taken to balance electrolytes:

    • Nested Magnesium, 400mg
    • My Kind Organics Vegan D3, 2000IU
    • Bai Ipanema Pomegranate bottle(has vitamin C but also 2g net carb) with 1/4tsp sea salt


What Can I Say?

These 3 days are being renamed, Self Sabotage. I literally was half good & half, “I don’t care but I’ll do my best to not eat outside of my net carb allowance for the day.” Shit happens. I didn’t feel well–fighting off a cold–& lady time is approaching… 😉

You may look at my Net Carbs for each day and say,

“wow, why is she being so hard on herself?”

I’m not really. I am aware that I’m staying within or close to my ranges–it’s that I’m allowing habits that I’m trying to break still present themselves while I feel so focused on a challenge. And, while I’m pretty good on my food choices, I am always aware of the micronutrients I could be lacking if I choose to eat junk keto food over whole foods.

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS DAYS 1-12: -9LBS (2 days ago, it dropped lower then bounced back up so I’m going with what the most current number is)

…and the journey continues 😉


If you would like to read my previous Challenge Updates:
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21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 7-9

21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 7-9

21 Day Vegan Keto / IF Challenge | Days 7-9 As every other post has started… I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist–just a vegan lady trying to a new way of eating challenge. If you are new to my posts on the challenge, […]

Cheesy Chia Crackers | Vegan Keto | Low Carb

Cheesy Chia Crackers | Vegan Keto | Low Carb After being on my Vegan Keto Intermittent Fasting Challenge for the 6th day, I was craving some crunch. Enter Jen’s creation to see if I can make crackers. I did AND they’re pretty good. The Main […]

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The 21 Best Vegan Cereals – Ranked

The 21 Best Vegan Cereals – Ranked

My Saturday mornings as a kid were spent watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and tearing through a box of cereal. Ever since those days, I’ve loved having a bowl of cereal, curling up on the couch, watching some Netflix – or whatever everyone watched before Netflix.
Going vegan has taken a blowtorch to all my favorite cereals
So, I set out to find what are the best vegan cereals. After spending over $100 on cereal I learned a few things. First, I learned buying 20 plus boxes of cereal will have people look at you like you’re a lunatic. Secondly, I learned what cereals are good, which are great and which taste like the box it came in.

With each ranking,

I’ll give you the low down on the taste, calories and protein and on some cereals Jen (the smarter and more responsible vegan) will give you facts you need like processed sugar being used etc. With that being said, TASTE was the top determiner on where these cereals were ranked. As you’ll learn through these rankings, as I did while reviewing where I placed each cereal, that I’m still that kid on Saturday morning when it comes to how I want my cereal to taste.

Secondary to taste was calories and protein content.

I’m an avid weightlifter and while I’ve learned that you don’t need to consume animal products to get the protein I need, I like to be very aware of where all my protein is coming from. I’ve also switched the serving size from the arbitrary serving size that they give you on the box, which is random and different on each cereal, to my own personal serving size of 2 cups. This is the amount that fits in my cereal bowl that I made in art class in high school YEARS ago.

Here we go – a complete ranking of the 21 best vegan cereals starting with…

Nature's Path Sunrise Crunchy Maple

21. Sunrise Crunchy Maple – When you’re doing a list of the best vegan cereals, someone has to be last. For this list it’s Crunchy Maple. To sum it up in one word – Weird. There are a lot of flavors and textures competing in the bowl and it just didn’t make any sense to me. There are Rice Krispy type pieces, little puffs and flakes – all different tastes and textures. I honestly don’t think any of them on their own would be all that bad, but all together it’s a train wreck. Avoid if possible.

Calories: 330
Protein: 6g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Vegan, Gluten Free, Non GMO & Organic on packaging

20. Fiber One Original – Tastes like the box it comes in. Next.

Calories: 240
Protein: 8g

19. Van’s Simply Delicious Cinnamon Harvest – It’s hard to look at the Cinnamon Harvest box and not think, hey, these should taste kinda like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Fact is, they don’t. At all. Maybe they don’t deserve to be this low, but all I can taste when I eat them is disappointment.

Calories: 320
Protein: 5g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Gluten Free, Non GMO, Organic, Corn Free, Dairy Free & Nut Free on packaging

18. Rip’s Big Bowl Triple Berry Walnut Cereal – These are super healthy–possibly the healthiest cereal on this list. Based on pure taste these are, well, not really the reason you’re choosing Engine 2. You have to go into the bowl fully aware that you’re about to have a healthy, really good-for-you cereal. I feel like it would take awhile to get your taste buds to the point where you really enjoy it. However, if you’re all-in on a healthy bowl of cereal, go for it. Also, I believe the term is “nutrient dense” – a 2 cup serving packs over 500 calories and 19g of protein, both second on this list.

Calories: 533
Protein: 19g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Vegan and Low Sodium on packaging

17. 365 Morning O’s – Booooooooooring. So unbelievably boring. These are the 365 version of Cheerios. It’s not that they’re bad, they’re just super bland. There are better options out there. If you are eating these straight up, without adding other things to them then I’m concerned you live a joyless life.

Calories: 200
Protein: 8g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Vegan, Organic, and Kosher on packaging

16. Barbara’s Original Puffins – Like a slightly worst tasting (although admittedly healthier!) Cap’n Crunch. Very much a, “Cap’n Crunch slightly destroy your mouth,” texture. As far as flavor goes, they have a slight cinnamon flavor and not much else. However, they’re definitely a tier up from the bottom three on the list. I probably wouldn’t buy these again, but if they were in the pantry, I wouldn’t hesitate to pour myself a bowl.

Calories: 240
Protein: 5g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Vegan, Non-GMO & Kosher on packaging

15. Cap’n Crunch – I think most of us are aware that Cap’n Crunch is not a “healthy” cereal. But when your pantry is loaded up with organic and non GMO cereals with whole grains, protein, flax and all kinds of other health conscious ingredients – my goodness does Cap’n Crunch seem awful for you. If you can get around the food colorings and ingredients you can’t pronounce AND the fact that at 3g it’s the lowest protein content of any cereal on the list, Cap’n Crunch is still the great tasting cereal that will destroy the inside of your mouth with it’s jagged edges.

Calories: 293
Protein: 3g

Jen’s Notes: Contains Brown Sugar, Palm and Yellow Dyes. Brown Sugar gets processed using bone char. Palm oil devastates forests, animals and people. Look for products that use responsibly sourced palm oil or avoid it all together. Yellow Dye #5 & #6–all I can say is do your research. Many studies have been done on these dyes, require special labeling in Europe or are banned all together in other countries. 

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