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You’ve either clicked on this review because you are looking in to buying an Avocado Mattress or are intrigued by the combo of words; Avocado, Vegan AND Mattress.

I certainly was when their advertisement came through my Facebook feed a little over 2 months ago.

Is This A Vegan Mattress Made From Avocados?

Hmmm…. one of these doesn’t sound right so I had to investigate. After all, I received the advertisement because I had been looking at buying a new mattress and as usual Facebook flipping knows everything which will never cease to freak me out.

Having been over 11 years since we bought a new mattress, I had no idea what I was looking for except that it needed to be on the firmer side and NOT be hot. There are so many new technologies; cooling gels, folding beds, number beds, remotes, springs on the top, springs on the bottom, etc., etc. And after soaking all of this information in, we’re not getting any younger so we do need to invest in a quality mattress for our almost 40 year old bodies. ha!

Who remembers being 20 years old and honestly not caring what you slept on? I could sleep on anything… I’ve spent many years being so un-adult that my mattress was on the floor. And I loved it!

I Am The Researcher In This Marriage

I am not going to lie, Mr. VeggL and I went rounds about which mattress to purchase. He was convinced we could save money by buying one of these new “bed-in-a-box,” mattresses. I had my doubts but did my research. When I say I do my research, I cost compare, warranty compare, product compare; I read other peoples reviews & watched videos.

I’m about to put a lot of money in to something I need to keep for the next 10 years–I do my research.

Even when the words Vegan and Mattress came in to the picture, I still remained open to another mattress being the one we buy.

What We BoughtAvocado Vegan Mattress Box

The standard King Avocado Vegan Mattress.

We did not purchase the Avocado Mattress Topper, the Mattress Protector and did not utilize their financing.

With having dogs, I do; however, ALWAYS have a mattress protector and suggest everyone to use them.(I have a dog and mouse story I could go in to but I will save you all from the visuals) I chose a cheaper protector for now. The Utopia Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector is Hypoallergenic and Waterproof. It fits the standard king mattress perfectly.

It’s Been Over 30 Days Since We’ve Been Sleeping On Our Vegan Avocado Mattress

So, let’s get to our Review

  • What kind of sleeper are we? Side, Stomach, Back?
    • Jen: Half Side/Stomach or Back. Ideally I would like to be a back sleeper and I feel like this mattress has made it more comfortable to do this.
    • Ryan: Predominately on my side.
  • Firmness. How firm do we think this mattress is…1(Super Soft) – 10(Super Firm)
    • Jen: 8
    • Ryan: 8. One of the firmest mattresses I’ve personally slept on.
  • Motion. Do you feel motion transfer when I shift in bed?
    • Jen: First bed I have ever slept on where I did not feel any motion transfer.
    • Ryan: None. Although in all fairness, I’m a pretty deep sleeper and I’m not sure I would notice regardless.
  • Smell. Did we notice a smell when first opening the box, unrolling the mattress or 30 days later?
    • Jen: No, No and No!
    • Ryan: No
  • Conforming. Do we feel like the mattress conforms closely to our body? Does it alleviate pressure on target pressure points & help align the spine? 
    • Jen: Surprisingly yes. I will say it is NOT MUCH, as we did not get the pillow topper, but it is just enough to make it comfortable. I also wanted to get a firmer mattress this time to allow my spine to straighten out better and it does!
    • Ryan: I wouldn’t think of this mattress as conforming. It’s more firm than conforming.
  • Temperature. Does the mattress sleep hot, cold or neutral?
    • Jen: This mattress is incredible when it comes to temperature. I have always slept hot. I do not feel any heat coming from the mattress and in fact think it sleeps slightly cool. This is HUGE for me!
    • Ryan: It’s definitely a cool mattress. It doesn’t heat up throughout the night while laying on it either.
  • Edge Support. When getting out of bed, do we feel like we can stand up easily or fall back in?
    • Jen: Very easy to get out of bed or to sit on the edge. This was something I didn’t even know made a difference in a bed until we had this one. It does
    • Ryan: Great edge support. It holds it’s firmness from edge to edge
  • Noise. Does the mattress make any noise when lying down or moving on it?
    • Jen: Nope!
    • Ryan: No

Jen’s Summary

Knowing this mattress is eco-friendly and vegan is only a bonus at this point. Honestly, I have never slept better or sounder. I even wake up with more energy! I keep trying to find other reasons for my energy levels but the mattress is really the biggest change that’s been made. I no longer wake up having to kick the blankets off in the middle of the night because I’m SO hot or feel like I need to stretch my body out when getting up in the morning. I also no longer wake up EVERY SINGLE TIME my husband moves.

Ryan’s Summary

I have enjoyed the mattress so far. I was a bit skeptical because I wasn’t sure I’d like how firm the mattress is, but I’ve slept great on it so far. The cooling of the mattress is probably the best feature I’ve liked so far. Our previous mattress was a pillow top and held heat. I wasn’t really aware of how much until we got the Avocado. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a firm or even a neutral mattress.

Vegan Avocado Mattress

If ALL Of This Sounds Good To You, Here’s Some Vegan Avocado Mattress Highlights

  • It’s Vegan! Instead of using wool, Avocado uses Organic Cotton
  • It’s Organic! The Avocado features 100% GOLS(global organic latex standard) Organic Certified Latex and GOTS(global organic textile standard) Organic Certified Cotton
  • NO polyurethane foams, polyester foam or toxic fire retardants
  • Certified for low emissions
  • For those that educate, save & protect, Avocado gives a $50 mattress discount
  • 25 Year Warranty! Read the fine print of this to make sure you take proper care of your mattress–this is the only way your warranty holds up
  • 1% of all revenues are given back to environmental nonprofits
  • 100 Night-Risk Free Mattress Trial. No restocking fee or return shipment costs for you.
  • Mattresses are handmade in California after order is placed
  • Financing Available

To Purchase

If you would like to purchase an Avocado Mattress, you’re in luck! After loving our own Avocado Mattress we looked into becoming an Avocado affiliate and were approved! So, if you click on the banner below and head over to their website, you’ll get a great mattress and you’ll help support VeggL!

Avocado Green Mattress


Follow VeggL on Instagram & let us know if you purchase a Vegan Avocado Mattress! We will do a follow-up mattress review at 6 months too.

Happy Sleepin’

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Vegan Jerky Review – First Taste

Vegan Jerky Review – First Taste

First off, thank you for checking out our first vegan product review – a vegan jerky review! I decided to start with a product I’ve seen and been wanting to try out, the Louisville Vegan Jerky Co vegan jerky. I want to start off by saying all our reviews will always be 100% straight up honest. We will never give out positive reviews just because someone sent us free stuff or wanted to sponsor us. If those things happen, we’ll be fully transparent about it. Having said that, if you have a product and would like to send us free stuff, send away!

So, without further ado…

Vegan Jerky Review

We tried 3 different flavors for this vegan jerky review. Reuben’s Smokey Carolina BBQ, Pete’s Smoked Black Pepper & Paulette’s Maple Bacon. I picked them up at Whole Foods for $6.99 a bag. A little expensive, but pretty on par for a bag of jerky.

Reuben’s Smokey Carolina BBQ

The Smokey Carolina was by far my favorite. It has a sweetness and a strong vinegary tang. It is a punch of flavor with every bite. The texture is a bit more chewy than a regular jerky and this was the case for all three flavors. I could of easily tore through the entire bag. The Smokey Carolina was the only flavor that left me wanting to wipe my hands off from the ‘sauce’. Something to keep in mind if you’re on the go. It has 12g of protein per serving with 3 servings in the bag.

Pete’s Smoked Black Pepper

Slim Jims. If you liked Slim Jims before you made the switch to vegan then this one is probably going to be the one for you. It has a subtle peppery taste… wait why am I even bothering – it tastes like a frickin’ Slim Jim. Just without the grease. The Black Pepper was Jen’s favorite, my second. 21g of protein per serving, 3 servings in the bag.

Paulette’s Maple Bacon

Remember when you were growing up playing little league, and you’d get the beef jerky in a can. You’d put it in your back pocket so it looked like you had a can of chew like the big leaguers. No? Just me? Alrighty then, moving on. Well, if you DID try that beef jerky in a can (do they still make that?) the taste will take you right back to those days on the little league field. The maple bacon flavor definitely comes through, but it’s not too much. Just like the black pepper, the maple bacon has 21g of protein per serving.


Really enjoyed all three flavors of the vegan jerky. Would I buy again? Yes. Probably about the same way I bought jerky pre-vegan. Once in a while as a snack. It’s good, but at $7 a bag it’s not easy to pull the trigger.

Hope you enjoyed our first First Taste vegan jerky review. If you enjoyed it, make sure to sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss out on any of our future reviews!