Vegan Options at Chipotle (Updated 2021)

Vegan Options at Chipotle

The vegan options at Chipotle are some of the best of any fast casual or fast food spot. Their sofritas are perhaps the best ‘fake meat’ you can order anywhere. Combine that with the rice, beans and grilled veggies which are all great in their own right and you have the makings of a great meal. Throw everything in a bowl, salad or burrito and finish it off with some salsas and guacamole… ok, I’m hungry.

Also, don’t forget the chips! They’re especially great for scooping your creation if you put it in a bowl!

+ For a limited time, Chipotle is testing vegan chorizo in 103 locations; Indianapolis, Indiana; Denver, Colorado and Orange County, California. 

VeggL Quick Order

In line at Chipotle and need to order, like NOW?!? Here are the best vegan options at Chipotle that we recommend:

  • Order a Burrito or a Bowl. Add rice, pinto or black beans, sofritas, tomatillo green-chili salsa, roasted chili-corn salsa, lettuce & guacamole.
  • Salad (no dressing). Add rice, pinto or black beans, sofritas, fresh tomato salsa, roasted chili-corn salsa and lettuce. 
  • Chips with salsa, guacamole or plain (to scoop)

Vegan Options at Chipotle

Create Your Own – Pick Your Base

  • Salad – Base is a Supergreens mix with baby kale, baby spinach and hand-cut romaine. Advise No Vinaigrette
  • Bowl – Base starts with rice, beans, etc…
  • Burrito – Soft Flour Tortilla
  • Taco – Crispy Corn or Soft Flour


  • Black Beans, Pinto Beans or both
  • White Rice, Brown Rice or the new Cauliflower Rice (Cauliflower Rice comes with a $2 upcharge)
  • Sofritas – Organic Braised Tofu with Peppers and Spices (or skip the Sofritas completely and get guacamole at no extra charge)
Chipotle Vegan Bowls and Chips
Chipotle’s vegan bowls along with a bag of chips to scoop is our favorite way to eat vegan at Chipotle!

Then add any or all of these toppings

  • Mixed Fajita Veggies
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa (Mild)
  • Tomatillo Green-Chili Salsa (Medium-Hot)
  • Tomatillo Red-Chili Salsa (Hot)
  • Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa (Medium)
  • Guacamole (will be charged extra if you have sofritas in your meal)
  • Lettuce

Chipotle Vegan FAQ

Chipotle Mexican Grill

What is a Sofrita at Chipotle?

Sofritas are an organic, shredded tofu braised in chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos and a blend of spices including (but not limited to) black pepper, cumin, garlic and oregano.

Are Pinto Beans at Chipotle vegan?

Yes! The Pinto Beans at Chipotle are vegan. There is always a concern that pinto beans are cooked in bacon or lard, but that is NOT the case with Chipotle’s pinto beans. In fact, both the pinto and black beans are vegan.

Is Chipotle’s Cauliflower Rice Vegan?

Yes. Chipotle’s new Cauliflower Rice is 100% vegan. In fact, all three varieties of rice (White, Brown and Cauliflower) at Chipotle are vegan.

Can I eat WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) at Chipotle?

Yes! You can order a salad (no dressing) with fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, roasted chili-corn salsa, tomatillo green-chili salsa and/or tomatillo red-chili salsa. Be aware that the flour tortilla, both rice’s, both beans, the fajita vegetables and the sofritas all contain oil. 

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Our Picks

Ryan’s Pick: Depending on how hungry I am I have two very distinct go-to orders. My “normal” order consists of a Burrito with Sofritas, Brown Rice, BOTH beans, a small amount of the fajita peppers and onions, Red-Chili Salsa, Chili-Corn Salsa, Lettuce and if I’m in the mood to splurge I’ll drop the two extra bucks on guacamole. My “I just finished finished a big lift and it’s probably Friday” order is all the same ingredients, but I get it put into a bowl (pro-tip: you get way more food if you go with the bowl). THEN, I get a bag a chips and proceed to use the chips as a scooping vehicle to drive through the Chipotle food. It’s the meal I answer with to the question of “if you’re stuck on a deserted island and you can only eat one meal the rest of your life” question. And yes I’m serious.

Chipotle Cauliflower Rice Review: I tried out the new Cauliflower Rice from Chipotle today (1/8/21) and while it was ok, I wasn’t a huge fan. It’s definitely no where near as good as either the brown or white rice. Add to that the fact that the cauliflower rice comes with a $2 upcharge and I won’t be choosing it again.

Jen’s Pick: My go-to order is a Salad (no vinaigrette) with white rice, sofritas, pinto beans, fresh tomato salsa, roasted chili-corn salsa and chips. Mix it up then scoop!

More Info:

  • Want to see all the menu items at Chipotle? Check out their official menu page
  • Information was pulled directly from Chipotle’s Allergens Page. The Allergens Page on Chipotle’s website marks which items are vegan.
  • Not quite what you were looking for? VeggL has Vegan Guides for over 115 popular chain restaurants including other locations like Qdoba and Moe’s
  • We are working tirelessly to make sure all the information contained in VeggL is accurate and up to date. However, sometimes options change. If you notice a change at a restaurant that we need to know about, let us know

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