About Us

I still remember the day when the idea for VeggL was born.

Jen and I were in the car heading to dinner with my parents. My parents, not ones for being adventurous when it comes to dining out (we’ve gotten them more out of their comfort zone over the years) mentioned a popular sit down chain restaurant for dinner.Jen and Ryan About Us

This was just before I went completely plant based and I watched Jen frantically search on her phone if their was anything vegan there she could eat.

“There’s not a website that just tells you what’s vegan?”, I asked.


That was the moment VeggL was born. I thought it was ridiculous that eating out was so hard for Jen and if there wasn’t a resource out there, I would help her build it.

I had taught myself how to build some websites over the years and helped build out the technical side while Jen went to work contacting every chain restaurant we could think of along with researching every nutrition, allergen and ingredient list we could get our hands on.

VeggL has come a long way since then.

We currently have over 185 vegan restaurant guides as well as some guides for airports, arenas and stadiums. Essentially any place we could think of that would make ordering vegan anywhere easier.

We’ve even turned VeggL into an app! Now you can easily access all of our Vegan Guides at the click of button.

We hope VeggL can be a resource that can make ordering a little easier.

Finally, if you have an idea or suggestion that you think can make VeggL better, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always looking for ways to improve!