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3 years ago I got frustrated watching Jen frantically Google search for what she was able to eat whenever we ate out. I thought there should be a resource for vegans to see what was vegan-friendly (and what wasn’t) at restaurants. At least popular chain restaurants throughout the country.

Well, there wasn’t.

So… we created VeggL.

After 3 Years of researching and compiling vegan options we are extremely proud to present the VeggL App!

The App currently shows the vegan options at over 115 popular chain restaurants, as well as airports, stadiums and arenas. (We’re adding new locations each month!)

Our goal is to make eating out as a vegan MUCH LESS FRUSTRATING!

The App is FREE to download and use to access all our Cheat Sheet Guides!

If you love the app, consider upgrading to a PRO Account. Upgrading to PRO removes all ads from the App and speeds up the loading speed. Finally, to be completely honest, the $2 we receive each month from our PRO Members is what pays the bills around here!

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VeggL App FAQ

How Often is the App Updated?

The app is updated in two different ways.

The first is when restaurants make changes and/or updates to their menus. As soon as we become aware of these changes we update the app asap. For example, when Pizza Hut added Beyond Meat as an option to their menu, our cheat sheet was updated the day it was released. (We also taste tested the pizza that night too, for you know, “research” purposes)

The second is when we add new locations to the App. These new locations could be restaurants, but also airports and stadiums. On average we add a new location about once a week.

Why is the PRO Membership a Recurring Subscription? Why can’t I just buy it with a one-time payment?

We serve up ZERO ads, ZERO paid listings and ZERO sponsored listings to our PRO Members. It is literally ONLY the information you want when you’re trying to decide on your order. We are planning on running and continuing to improve VeggL for the long haul. Without a recurring subscription model this would just not be feasible.

The truth of the matter is, running an app (along with a website) is not cheap. Between hosting fees and app fees, it can really add up. This is also not to mention the amount of time we log putting all of this info together. What we are asking for in return is, if you really enjoy the app, the price of a cheap cup of coffee. In return we promise to continue making the VeggL App the resource that I wished Jen had 3 years ago.

Finally, if you know someone else who might really enjoy our App, please consider sharing it with them!

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