Las Vegas Airport Vegan Options (2021 Guide)

Las Vegan Airport Vegan Options

Traveling through McCarran Airport in Las Vegas and looking for some good vegan options?

For some vegans, this might be the most gambling you do your entire visit in Vegas. (Not me personally, but maybe for some)

Do you stop at the spot that you just found a decent vegan option at or do you roll the dice and look for something better further on down? Well, Jen and I decided it shouldn’t be so hard to find vegan options in the airport so we created VeggL.

On this page, we’re going to show the best vegan options in each terminal and what gate they’re close to. Some locations (the popular chain restaurants) will also be linked to their complete Vegan Option Guide (we have over 120 of those guides on VeggL). If you find this guide helpful, you may want to check out our Free App (link below)!

Enough rambling from me, here we go!

At the time of this writing many airport locations are temporarily closed. Be sure to check the McCarran Airport Shops and Restaurants page to get the most up to date information on what is open and available.

Vegan Options at McCarron Airport

Terminal 1

Shake Shack (Near Food & Shops Level 2) – Shake Shack has been back and forth lately with trying out different versions of a vegan burger. It would definitely be worth asking and see if you get lucky.

Starbucks (Near Esplanade Level 2, Near Baggage Claim Level 1) – You’ll find Starbucks all over the Las Vegas Airport. By our count, there are about 10 Starbucks total inside McCarron.

Oat Milk is now available at all Starbucks locations. There is nothing overly special when it comes to getting a bite to eat at Starbucks, but they do have bagels, a lentil bowl and a bunch of different vegan friendly snacks.

Jimmy John’s (Near Esplanade Level 2) – On the one hand, all you can really do is put some veggies on a sub roll paired with a bag of chips. Not the most exciting vegan option.

On the other hand, that bread. That bread at Jimmy John’s is amazing.

A Gates

Moe’s (A15 Level 2) – Moe’s may be one of the best spots to find vegan food in the airport. Simply create your own burrito with your choice of any of the ingredients (including Organic Tofu) that we list on our Moe’s Vegan Guide

Moe's Homewrecker Burrito
The Homewrecker Burrito with Moe’s Organic Tofu. Don’t forget chips and salsa! Those are both vegan too!

Starbucks (A7 Level 2)

B Gates

Einstein Bros. Bagels (B9 Level 2) – LOTS of options for bagels and a few vegan spreads to go with them. Einstein also has some very underrated coffee in our opinion.

Starbucks (B17 Level 2)

C Gates

Jamba Juice (C25 Level 2) – Many vegan smoothie options that can be ordered straight off the menu (Protein Berry Workout with Soy Protein and the Greens n’ Ginger are our favorites).

They have multiple non-dairy milk alternatives (vanilla coconutmilk, unsweetened almondmilk, soymilk, Oatly oatmilk), including So Delicious Oatmilk Frozen dessert, that you can utilize. A couple different Juice options as well.

Auntie Anne’s (C16 Level 2) – Have you been walking right by Auntie Anne’s your whole life thinking there’s no way those delicious smelling pretzels are vegan? I know I did until I researched Auntie Anne’s for VeggL. Turns out they actually have quite a few vegan options, including a few of their most popular pretzels!

Terminal 2

D Gates

Auntie Anne’s (Near D Gates – Great Hall Level 2)

Jamba Juice (Near D Gates – Great Hall Level 2)

Burger King (D6 Level 2) – Home of the Impossible Whopper. It’s one of the simplest, easiest to order fast food vegan meals you can find anywhere. Pair it with fries and a drink and even throw in an ‘accidentally vegan’ Dutch Apple Pie if you want.

Impossible Whopper at Burger King
Currently the “Number 3 Combo” at Burger King. Impossible Whopper (make sure to order with no mayo!), fries and a drink.

Chili’s (D35 Level 2) – No Vegan Burgers, but you can piece together a pretty good meal utilizing a salad and/or a mix of sides like corn on the cob, black beans, broccoli and asparagus.

Starbucks (D26 Level 2, D6 Level 2, D55 Level 2, D36 Level 2)

Terminal 3

E Gates

Burger King (E11)

Pei Wei (E11) – Pei Wei has multiple Tofu based bowls that are easy to order and delicious. The Teriyaki Fried Tofu Bowl and Thai Dynamite Fried Tofu are both vegan. If you order with no egg, the Pad Thai can also be made vegan. You can also request that your meal is cooked in an allergen free wok.

Pei Wei Asian Diner inside McCarron Airport
A look at the Pei Wei Asian Diner inside McCarron Airport – Photo Courtesy of McCarron

Starbucks (Level 0 Near Baggage Claim, Near Ticketing Level 2)

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More Info and Important Links

Did we miss a great vegan option at McCarron airport? Please let us know! We especially like to highlight local restaurants with great vegan options in our airport guides, but that’s also where we need the most help from readers like you!

Have more flights today? We have a growing list of Airport Vegan Guides including other airports like Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Want to check out all the dining options at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas? Go check out the Dine, Shop and More page on McCarran’s website.

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