Vegan Options at Baja Fresh (Updated 2022)

Baja Fresh Vegan

Baja Fresh has close to 200 locations across the country. They seem like a great candidate for a VeggL Vegan Guide. While they have recently added a nutrition guide, we do not have confirmed vegan menu items (even the ones where cross-contamination could have occured).

As of May 2022, I have reached back out to them again and will update but for now, you can see the frustrating exchanges we had in 2021. 

(TL:DR Baja Fresh will not confirm that anything on their menu is vegan-friendly and therefore, we can’t recommend you trying anything on the menu.)

To their credit, they responded to our inquiry about the vegan options available at Baja Fresh. That, however, is where the credit ends. We’re going to copy and paste a few of the emails we received from Baja Fresh. We’re not going to include the names of the representatives I’m sure they are just responding how they are being told to.

Here is the response we received when we first reached out, asking about what vegan options are available at Baja Fresh:

Hi Jen,

Thank you for thinking of Baja Fresh! With the rollout of our new Impossible offerings, we are happy to expand our menu with more plant-based items and we’re certainly always happy to accommodate special requests from our guests. Since we do offer a wide variety of non-vegan/vegetarian items that are being prepared in the same kitchen, we understand that cross-contamination can occur.

Although we do our best to ensure that proper cleaning occurs between products and that our crew’s training consists of using separate areas to cook and prepare our foods, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross-contamination. We appreciate the opportunity to meet the needs of all of our guests, Vegans and Vegetarians included, however it is with this in mind that we cannot claim to have any dedicated Vegan items at this time.

Thanks again for thinking of us! Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance in putting something together for you.

So, we responded back, thanking them for how seriously they take calling things vegan when cross-contamination could occur. We told them we would notate that cross-contamination could be a concern (like we do with all our guides) and would add any specific notes (shared fryers, etc) they would like us to.

With that being said, could they tell us ‘what items on your menu are made without any animal products like meat, dairy, eggs, etc.?’

Their response:

Hi Jen,

Thank you for your reply. We hear what you are asking and appreciate your interest. Unfortunately, there are too many variables to provide detailed answers for you and your website/app. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Frustrated, we responded back and just asked for an ingredients list.

Hi Jen,

With all of the changes in supply chain and distribution we are currently experiencing, it is possible our stores are not all using the same brand of products/ingredients used to make our menu items. As a result, we are unfortunately unable to provide a list of ingredients to you. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

We left this exchange completely flabbergasted.

We can’t recommend eating at Baja Fresh at all, because we have absolutely no idea what is in any of their food.

If you are reading this and in a position at Baja Fresh to provide some insight into your ingredients, we would love to hear from you!

Until then, unfortunately, this is as much as we can help.

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