William P Hobby Airport Vegan Options (Houston) 2023

William P Hobby Houston Vegan Options

Are you looking for what vegan options are available in the William P Hobby Airport in Houston? You’re in the right place!

We’ve already done all the research for you, looking through the Dining Guide to find all the available vegan items in the airport.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options but to be fair, there aren’t many dining locations in the airport, period.

If you learn of more options we do not have, please reach out and let us know so we can update and improve this guide for the next vegan traveler. 

Vegan Options at William P Hobby Airport

Many chain location names are clickable and will take you to the complete vegan guide for that restaurant.

Chick Fil-A (Food Court, Near Gate 1)

We were hoping that this Chick-Fil-A location offered their Cool Wrap because with modifications that could have been a great healthy option; however, we have learned they do not. 

You can pick up some waffle fries though or check the menu for their Kale Salad. 

Buffalo Wild Wings (Gate 23)

Vegan Options Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings Pretzel Knots

Asian Zing Cauliflower Wings are so good at Buffalo Wild Wings! Make sure to order them baked; NOT fried. That, along with the Everything Pretzel Knots (with mustard), you have a couple of options. We suggest cross-referencing our vegan guide with their menu and verifying options. 

–> Just be aware that anything fried at BDubs is fried in beef fat. 

Peet’s (Food Court, Near Gate 1 & Gate 40)

Peet’s has something that almost none of the other popular coffee chains has – a completely plant-based breakfast sandwich that can be ordered directly off the menu as-is; however, we have learned that this location in the airport is not offering it. 

You do have the option to pick up a coffee here. And add oat, almond or soy milk. 

Pick Up Stix (Gate 41)

Pick Up Stix is fast casual Asian with steamed white rice. They also offer Vegetable Spring Rolls but we have not confirmed if they are vegan-friendly. 

Wendy’s (Gate 41)

Fries* are an option at Wendy’s. We suggest checking to see if this location offers their baked potato–you could order the Chive one with NO butter or sour cream then top it with ketchup or mustard.

If they offer salads, we suggest cross-referencing our Wendy’s vegan guide and then asking if they can modify their salads. It is possible that they are pre-made and cannot be modified. 

Starbucks (Gate 45)

Vegan Options at Starbucks
Starbucks Shaken Espresso

With the many options of non-dairy milk (oat, almond, soy, coconut) available at all Starbucks, there is almost an infinite number of vegan drinks you can order using.

On the food side, you have a few options including Bagels (plain or everything). You can also check for their Strawberry Overnight Grains and various snacks. 

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More Links and Info

  • If you need more info on the William P Hobby Airport, make sure to go check out their Official Website. Or for more info on all of the available dining options, you can go straight to their Dining Guide.
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