Vegan Options at Buffalo Wild Wings (Updated 2023)

Vegan at Buffalo Wild Wings

The vegan options at Buffalo Wild Wings are so much better than you would think! Their Asian Zing Cauliflower Wings are incredible. Just be sure to ask for them to be “baked” and NOT fried… and of course, no ranch. Their Black Bean Burger was updated in 2021 and no longer includes egg and dairy–as long as you order with NO cheese or ranch.

Please pay attention to the modifications that need to be made on all of these items. Unfortunately, Buffalo Wild Wings is still frying all of their fried items in cow fat.

This means their fries and tortilla chips are a no go for vegans or even vegetarians. Eeek.

Special thanks to our vegan on the inside, Cameron, who helped us with additional info on the vegan options at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Vegan Options at Buffalo Wild Wings

Be Aware: Fried items (including tortilla chips and fries) are fried in COW FAT at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Asian Zing Cauliflower Wings “Baked” with NO ranch. 


  • Everything Pretzel Knots. Order with NO beer cheese or honey mustard. You can ask for mustard or another condiment we have listed below.
  • Asian Zing Cauliflower Wings. Order with NO ranch and specify for these to be BAKED and NOT fried*. We have been informed that every location has been taught how to “bake” these “wings” but we suggest verifying this is an option your location can do before ordering. 

Since baked items take longer to cook than frying, the baked cauliflower wings will take about 20 minutes to prepare.


The burger and wrap come with menu items that are fried so choose a different side that is NOT fried.

  • Southwest Black Bean Burger. Order with NO cheese or ranch. The fries* it comes with are fried in beef fat. Choose a different side … the burger comes with tomato, pickles, lettuce, onion and guacamole. Be aware this burger is spicy. 
  • Garden Salad with White Wine Vinaigrette. Order with NO cheese or croutons.
  • Classic Chicken Wrap. Order with NO chicken or cheese. Ask for the burrito to be loaded up with more of the veggies already in the wrap. Choose Vegan sauce from below. Ask for avocado (optional)
Vegan Options Buffalo Wild Wings
Everything Pretzel Knots. Order with NO beer cheese or honey mustard. We asked for mustard.


  • Side Garden Salad with White Wine Vinaigrette. Order with NO cheese or croutons.
  • Carrots & Celery
  • Mandarin Oranges

Vegan Sauces / Dressing

  • Salsa
  • Guacamole or Avocado Smash
  • Ketchup 
  • Mustard
  • Marinara
  • Korean BBQ Sauce
  • Blazin’ Sauce
  • Sweet BBQ Sauce
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Wild Sauce
  • Mango Habanero Sauce
  • Hot Sauce
  • Caribbean Jerk Sauce
  • White Wine Vinaigrette

*ALL fried items (including tortilla chips and fries) are fried in BEEF FAT at Buffalo Wild Wings. As with any restaurant that is not 100% vegan or does not offer a designated cooking space for their vegan options, cross-contamination can occur and fryers/grills may be shared with animal products. You can choose what your level of comfort is with these potential issues.

Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan FAQ

Buffalo Wild Wings

Is anything vegan at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Yes! You can order the Southwestern Black Bean Burger with NO cheese or ranch, The Cauliflower Wings (ask for them to be baked–NOT fried), Everything Pretzel Knots and a Garden Salad. 

Why aren’t the Chips & Salsa vegan at Buffalo Wild Wings?

According to their allergen & preparation page, the tortilla chips are fried in beef shortening… aka cow fat.

Is the Buffalo Wild Wings Black Bean Burger vegan?

Yes, with modifications. Buffalo Wild Wings updated their black bean patty in 2021 to a fully vegan Morningstar version. When ordering the burger, you do have to ask for NO cheese or ranch but otherwise, it is vegan.

It wasn’t always this way. Their veggie burger used to contain BOTH dairy and eggs. A win for sports-watching vegans everywhere.

Are Buffalo Wild Wings Fries Vegan?

No. Unfortunately, Buffalo Wild Wings uses beef fat in their fryers. 

Can I eat WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) at Buffalo Wild Wings?

A little… Carrots & Celery. Technically, it’s a wing accompaniment but at least it’s something. Order with NO ranch. Add avocado. 

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Our Picks

Ryan’s Pick: The only time I make my way into a Buffalo Wild Wings are for UFC events. I usually eat before I go and then drink my calories while watching the fights.

However, I’m now fired up for the new revamped Southwest Bean Burger and am going to give that a shot next time I’m in.

Jen’s Pick: Love love love the Asian Zing Cauliflower Wings. Baked!

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