Vegan Options at Peet’s Coffee (Updated 2023)

Peet's Coffee Vegan

The vegan options at Peet’s Coffee reflect their entire brand as whole: simple, straight forward and great.

We reached out to Peet’s to inquire about their vegan options and quickly got a response back from their Customer Experience team.

Unlike some other big coffee chains, Peet’s Coffee has a completely vegan breakfast sandwich that can be ordered ‘as-is’ straight off the menu, the Everything Plant Based Sandwich!

As for drinks, plant based milks are available which makes most drinks easily ordered vegan.

Peet’s Coffee Vegan Options

Vegan Drinks

Peet's Coffee
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Peet’s does not offer an ingredients list within their website, which is why we only have the following response when emailing them –

“The vast majority of our beverages can be modified to a non-dairy vegan friendly version, usually by choosing a milk alternative, excluding whipped cream and caramel sauce.

The exceptions are our Javivas, Havana Cappuccinos and Black Ties which cannot be made vegan.”

The Hibiscus and Matcha Teas contain honey.

Vegan Food

  • Everything Plant Based Sandwich – “A fresh twist on a classic, made with all plant-based ingredients. Seasoned Beyond Breakfast Sausage® is layered with fluffy JUST Egg Folded and melty vegan cheddar on a toasted everything bagel thin.”

Peet’s Coffee Vegan FAQ

Is Peet’s Coffee Matcha Vegan?

Peet’s Coffee Matcha contains honey which is a no-no for most vegans. We’re not here to debate whether or not honey should be considered vegan, just be aware of it if you’re thinking of ordering any Matcha drinks from Peet’s.

FYI – The Hibiscus Tea also contains honey.

What is Peet’s Coffee Vegan Fall Menu?

They have a great vegan fall 2021 menu! The Pumpkin Oat Foam Cold Brew and Maple Oat Frappe are vegan as-is. The Pumpkin Latte and Maple Latte can be made by ordering them with a non-dairy milk (oat, almond or soy).

Available until November 2, 2021. 

Is Peet’s Holiday Spice Latte Vegan?

Peet’s Holiday Spice Latte is vegan. Just make sure to order with a milk alternative and no whip.

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Our Picks

Ryan’s Picks: This is probably going to sound crazy, but Jen and I have never had Peet’s Coffee. I’ve always noticed Peet’s in the grocery store, but had no idea they had so many physical locations.

It wasn’t until I kept seeing Peet’s show up at airports we were researching that I took a deeper look at Peet’s.

I’m looking to forward to giving Peet’s Coffee a try next chance I get and especially looking forward to trying out their Everything Plant-Based Sandwich!

Jen’s Picks: N/A

More Info

  • For a look at Peet’s Coffee complete menu head over to the Peet’s website
  • Information on this page was sourced directly from the Customer Experience Advocate staff at Peet’s.
  • If the vegan options at Freddy’s isn’t exactly what you were looking for, VeggL has Vegan Guides for over 175 popular chain restaurants including other coffee spots like Starbucks and Dunkin’.
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