Falafel’s after Six Flags!!

After 8 hours at opening day of Six Flags, we were on the hunt for a quick & easy Vegan Friendly restaurant to pick up food on the way home.

When I found Bezoria online, I was sold with 2 words–falafel & baba ghanoush. What I didn’t realize, since I’m new to the city, is that this Bezoria is in a mall. A very busy mall! I walked inside, where Waze said the restaurant is, only to find it is on the complete opposite side. Great.

I looked like a hot mess–literally. The temperatures had risen. I still had my sweatshirt on and my hair was disheveled from the many loops of roller coaster riding I had just done. My mind kept going from, “who cares, just walk there as quickly as you can,” to, “someone is about to tell you you have won a makeover…”

Bezoria is a very Vegan Friendly, Middle Eastern walk up to the counter and order, restaurant. You pick your base, falafel or grilled vegetables, toppings then sauce. Although sides are offered, we did not try them out. Next time! The easiest part about ordering Vegan at Bezoria is there is a little ‘V’ next to all of the Vegan items on the menu–except for the sides. When looking at the menu online; however, you have to download the menu to see the ‘V’s.

Our Orders & Reviews

My order: Rice Bowl with Falafel, Baba Ghanoush, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Spiced Onion, Pickles, Pickled Turnips, Cabbage Slaw and Tahini Sauce.
Jen's with Baba Ganoush

On the side, I did dip my finger in to the Amba, which is supposed to be a tangy mango dressing. I’ll be honest I thought this tasted more like a tangy turmeric dressing. I did not taste mango at all. As for the Rice Bowl, I loved it! I can be a little judgmental about falafel and baba ghanoush and I will say these were on point. The only thing I would have changed would have been getting less onion. The onions were nice mixed in but some were not cut small enough and too hot for me.

My husbands order: Rice Bowl with Falafel, Zesty Hummus, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Spiced Onion, Pickles, Tahini Sauce and Sahara Sauce(Hot).

Ryan's with Zesty Hummus After pushing the cucumber and most of the onion to the side(personal preference of what he likes/dislikes), he thought the bowl was very good. The falafel had a good texture and was not dry, the zesty hummus had a little kick to it, while mostly everything else blended together well with the rice.

Overall, if I find myself close to one of their locations, I know I can count on a quick, filling, delicious & vegan friendly meal! Currently, they are an Atlanta based company. Two locations in Atlanta–Cumberland Mall and in Midtown. The other is in Alpharetta. Visit their website for information on Catering as well.

If I were to ask for any changes, I would ask the locations to keep the whole slabs of meat they are cutting off of out of eyes view. I would hope since they are Vegan Friendly, they could understand this point of view.

As always, support local & vegan friendly restaurants!

Review by Jen Horton
Bezoria Mideast Street Eats
Atlanta, Georgia: Cumberland Mall

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