State Farm Arena Vegan Options 2021 (Atlanta Hawks)

Vegan Options at State Farm Arena

In a rising Vegan City, like Atlanta, you would think State Farm Arena would be listening to it’s customers when it comes to Vegan Options.

While doing my research, I see this arena is very proud to provide local ATL restauranteurs and chefs the opportunity to showcase their cuisines. Where is the opportunity for a vegan restaurant or chef?

Upon our research, we have only found candy, chips, pretzels and an Impossible Burger to be your options.

It seems State Farm Arena has offered black eyed pea hummus flatbread and an avocado taco that you have to ask for the avocado to not be fried as vegan options; however, we cannot confirm these options are still available.

Before your event, you do have the option to visit the CNN Food Court which sits directly next to the arena and has more Vegan Options.

You can choose from fast-casual restaurants like Burger Fi, which offers a Vegan Beyond Burger, Chick-fil-a which has a wrap you can customize, Fresh To Order offers a Lentil Soup, you can get a wrap, salad, tacos or a bowl from Moe’s and Starbucks or Dunkin’ for coffee.

The sit-down restaurant, Dantanna’s, offers a Beyond Burger but does not indicate if available as a vegan option.

If you still plan to eat at State Farm Arena, here are our mostly unconfirmed options

Let’s start with the confirmed options though…

Impossible Burger: Section 118 (Hawk Walk Market Grill) and Section 211 (West Grill)

Candy, Chips & Pretzels available at most general concessions.

Unconfirmed Information: Black-Eyed Pea Hummus Flatbread (Section 114), Avocado Tacos–advise not to fry the avocado due to it being dredged in egg (Section 103)

We have also been told by a VeggL reader (thank you, Scott!) that there is a Beyond Burger but we have not been able to confirm this information with State Farm Arena yet. If you visit the arena and can confirm any information we are missing, do not hesitate to reach out and let us know! 

More Info:

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