PNC Park Vegan Options 2022 (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Pittsburgh Pirates Vegan

We’ve been working hard to find the vegan options at PNC Park, but we’re at a bit of a standstill at the moment. We’ve received vague info on where you might be able to find some vegan options. Hopefully, this can at least start you in the right direction.

We also pulled together all the policies regarding bringing your own food to the game. Make sure to give those a look if you’re thinking of going that route. Finally, we took a look around the park to find some good vegan-friendly locations nearby.

If you know something we don’t, please reach out and let us know so that we can improve this guide!

Vegan Options at PNC Park

So far the most information that we have been able to receive from PNC Park is that:

Vegan and Vegetarian options are available on our Club Level and in the Jim Beam Left Field Lounge. *A Club Level ticket is needed to access that level.

Can I Bring Food Into PNC Park?

PNC Park

Thinking about bringing your own food to the game? Here are a few policies at PNC Park that you need to be aware of. (Taken directly from the Pirates Information GuideOpens in a new tab.)

PNC Park Bag Policy (as of 4/12/22)

PNC Park has (by far) the most detailed bag policy of any park we’ve come across. We thought about whittling it down, but inside decided just to include the whole thing.

Ironically, for as in depth as their bag policy is, there is no mention on their site about whether you can actually bring food or water into the game.

Our assumption here is that since they are adopting what is close to a no bag policy (details right below) that bringing things into the park, in general, is a no. We’ll work to get clarification on that. In the meantime, here is the bag policy:

The Pirates will enact a “No-Bag” policy for Guests entering PNC Park. Exceptions will include bags that are used for medical/ADA reasons, bags designated as diaper bags for the care of infants and small toddlers, and small clutch purses that measure no more than 8″ x 5″ x 1″.


All bags that meet the exceptions will still be screened at a single designated “Bag-Line” at each gate. Staff members assigned to screen bags will be equipped with a search stick. The bags will be searched utilizing Department of Homeland Security (DHS) standards and techniques.

Once a bag has cleared the search, a band will be attached to the bag that is color-coded for the day of the week and includes the date of the game. Guest will be instructed that the tag must remain affixed to the bag for the entire game or it will be subject to secondary searches.


MEDICAL REASONS: Bags carried for medical reasons may be brought into PNC Park, after being properly searched by security. The bag must be tagged with a game/event specific band to alert security staff and law enforcement the bag was admitted properly.

Examples of medical reasons may include, but are not limited to:

The bag contains medical equipment, to include monitors, pumps, prosthetics, special dietary supplements, hearing assistance devices, medicines, aids for autism spectrum disorders, breast feeding pumps and supplies. (over the counter medications are generally not considered a “medical necessity” unless accompanied by medical directives from a physician.

Staff shall not ask any Guest what their medical condition consists of or query them once they declare a medical need. Security Supervisors should be contacted with any questions regarding these exceptions.

DIAPER BAGS: Bags carried with diapers and supplies for the care of young children (infant or toddler), or a child with disabilities, is permitted after being properly searched by security. The bag must also be tagged with a game/event specific band to alert security, staff, and law enforcement the bag was properly admitted.

Examples of diaper bag contents include (but not limited to):

Diapers, infant or child clothing, infant blankets, children’s bottles, sipping cups, formula, breast milk pumps, wipes, snacks for the child, etc…. Security Supervisors should be contacted with any questions regarding these exceptions.

CLUTCH PURSES: Those persons carrying small clutch purses, measuring 8” in length X 5” width X 1” thick or less would be granted an exception to the bag policy. These bags will also be searched by staff and purses or personal bags larger than those dimensions will be denied entry.

Vegan Options Near PNC Park

We also did a bit of research looking near the park to find a couple of places that looked like good spots to grab a bite to eat before or after the game. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few spots that piqued our own interest.

B52 Cafe

5202 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

We struggled to find vegan restaurants really close to the park, but we did find the B52 Cafe located just 4 miles up the river. They are a chic bistro setup serving Mediterranean-American fusion food.

We’ve not been here ourselves, but people rave about the seitan and the shwarma. It’s definitely a spot we’re looking forward to checking out next time we’re in the Pittsburgh area.

Onion Maiden

639 E Warrington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15210

While the Onion Maiden isn’t necessarily close to PNC Park (about 5 miles south of the stadium), we couldn’t resist adding it here. I mean, a punk rock-themed, plant-based restaurant with a name inspired by a legendary rock band. Yes, please!

There’s something on the menu for everyone, from donuts to corn dogs to tacos, and from the reviews it seems all of it is good!

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