American Family Field Vegan Options 2022 (Milwaukee Brewers)

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We have had a frustrating time trying to track down the vegan options at American Family Field. It’s times like these that motivate Jen and I to continue expanding and improving VeggL because, it shouldn’t be so hard to find vegan options!

We have really struggled with getting any info from American Family Field and have notated which items you should verify are vegan or can be modified to be made vegan below. 

We did look up and include policies at the stadium if you’re thinking of bringing your own food and found a couple good spots to find a bite to eat nearby.

If you know something we don’t regarding the vegan options at American Family Field (especially if you work there) then please let us know so we can improve this page for everyone!

Vegan Options at American Family Field

Most Locations

  • Peanuts
  • Potato Chips

Dippin Dots (108, 128, 208, 231, 336, 414, 431)

Rainbow Ice is your only vegan flavor.

French Fries (112, 118, 123, 210, 228, 324, 409, 424)

Cross-contamination may occur. You choose your level of comfort or ask prior to ordering.

We have NOT been able to confirm if ANY of the following items are vegan (or can be made vegan), please ask prior to ordering:

  • Heavenly Roasted Nuts (120, 221, 425)
  • Impossible Nachos (111, 226)
  • Tater Tots (108, 117, 125, 210, 228, 324, 409, 424)
  • Kettle Corn (110, 111, 117, 212, 225, 231, 336, 424)
  • You may find some vegan options in the Marketplace (122, 212, 225, 235, 336, 409, 435, 436)

We were notified by a VeggL user that the Veggie Dog is NOT vegan. This ballpark uses Morningstar dogs that contain egg. Thank you Stefan for letting us know!

Can I Bring Food Into American Family Field?

American Family Field

If you’re thinking about bringing your own food into the stadium, here is some information you need to know.

According to their Information GuideOpens in a new tab., you can bring the following into American Family Field:

Carry-Ins (as of 4/17/22)

Sealed bottles of water, juice or soda (32 oz. or smaller), and personal size food items (e.g., a sandwich, small bags of pretzels, piece of fruit) are all permitted inside of the ballpark.

Bag Policy (as of 4/17/22)

Single-compartment bags with dimensions of 9″ x 5″ x 2″ or smaller, clear single-compartment bags of 12″ x 12″ x 6″ or smaller, one-gallon clear zip lock bags, diaper bags, and medical/family needs bags are permitted inside the ballpark.

For additional information on their bag policy, please visit American Family Field’s Security PageOpens in a new tab..

Vegan Options Near American Family Field

We also did a bit of research looking around American Family Field to help find you a couple spots with good vegan eats worth checking out possibly before or after the game.

This is not a comprehensive list, just a few places that we’ve either tried and love or found intriguing.

On The Bus

400 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202Opens in a new tab.

Located about three miles east of the stadium (most of the vegan friendly places we found were all east of the stadium, close to the water) inside the Milwaukee Public Market is On The Bus.

On The Bus sticks out because part of their store front in the market is the front half of a Volkswagon. They specialize in sandwiches, bowls, smoothies and desserts.

People seem to really love the (vegan) ice cream and the Reuben sandwich. Consider BOTH if you get the chance to visit!

Strange Town

2101 N Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202Opens in a new tab.

Strange Town is a little further away (If you need something super close to the stadium, there is a Taco Bell about a mile to the southeast), but still only about a 10 minute drive east of the stadium. It’s just up the water from On The Bus.

Strange Town is a hip bistro setting serving globally inspired food.

Strange Town patrons enjoy the music and atmosphere almost as much as the food, so if you’re looking for a good spot after the game for some ‘date-night’ vibes, then Strange Town may be your place.

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