Marlins Park Vegan Options 2021 (Miami Marlins)

Vegan Options at Marlins Park

The Miami Marlins Park has very little available if you’re looking for Vegan Options. The couple of options we did find sound incredible though! If this is not enough, you are permitted to take individual serving size food items placed in a clear plastic bag.

For instance, you could take in sandwiches or wraps with fruit, veggies or vegan bars–just make sure they are in a clear plastic bag.

After extensive research, the only confirmed Vegan Options at the Miami Marlins Park are as follows

Butterfly Tacos (Section 8)

  • Vegan Impossible Nachos
  • Mushroom Tacos

Pincho (Section 19)

  • Sweet Potato Fries

Peanuts & Chips are generally available at concessions but we could not confirm which.

Additional Notes

  • Whether you choose to purchase food in the park or bring your own in, you can also bring in 1 clear soft-sided factory sealed bottle of unflavored water 20 ounces or smaller, per person or an empty one to fill inside.

UPDATED 3.4.20

More Info:

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