Amalie Arena Vegan Options (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Tampa Bay Lightning Vegan Options

We don’t a ton of confirmed vegan options inside Amalie Arena, but we do have at least one that will allow you to get a bite to eat at your next Tampa Bay Lightning game.

We also have the policies you need to know if you’re thinking about bypassing the need to ‘find’ food in the arena and bring your own instead.

Finally, we have a couple recommendations for highly rated vegan friendly restaurants located close to the stadium that are definitely worth checking out.

Vegan Options at Amalie Arena

We’ve tried reaching out to Amalie Arena multiple times, but haven’t received any responses from anyone at the arena yet.

However, we did come across a vegan tacos being advertised in Section 214 at a stand called Portside Place.

Portside Place* (Section 214)

  • Vegan Tacos

*According to the Amalie Arena website – “This location is available to guests on the Tampa Bay Club Level only.”

Can I Bring Food Into Amalie Arena?

Amalie Arena
Awesome shot of Amalie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning. (Photo Credit: Helioscribe /

Thinking about bringing food with you to the arena? Before you do, you need to be aware of a few of the policies at Amalie Arena.

Bag Policy (as of 10/12/21)

Bags larger than 12x12x12″ are prohibited at AMALIE Arena. Medical and parenting bags exceeding these sizes are permitted but are subject to additional search procedures.

Food and Beverages Brought to AMALIE Arena (as of 10/12/21)

Guests may not bring food and/or beverages into AMALIE Arena, at any time except for medical purposes. Guests must dispose of the unauthorized items prior to entrance into Amalie Arena.

Guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or religious requirements should contact AMALIE Arena at 813.301.6545.

Vegan Options Near Amalie Arena

Farmacy Vegan Kitchen + Bakery

803 N Tampa St, Tampa, FL 33602

Located less than a mile north of the arena is the Farmacy Vegan Kitchen + Bakery. This is really cool and unique spot that not only serves up everything from Donuts to Philly Cheese Steaks, they also have grab-n-go meals and a selection of groceries.

We’ve ate at and reviewed A LOT of vegan restaurants and they have some of the best looking food we’ve ever seen. Farmacy is on the top of our bucket list next time we’re in Tampa, whether it’s at a Lightning game or not.

Bamboozle Cafe Downtown

516 N Tampa St, Tampa, FL 33602

Bamboozle Cafe is not a 100% plant-based restaurant, but they do serve quite a few (clearly marked) vegan items on their menu including BBQ Jackfruit Rolls, Spring Rolls and Vegan Pho w/Tofu.

They’re located a half block away from the Farmacy Vegan Kitchen, so you have two great options in the same place.

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More Links and Info

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