Vegan Options at Applebee’s

Vegan Options at Applebee's

The vegan options at Applebee’s will not have you ‘eatin’ good in the neighborhood’. At least not yet. The options are slim and not anything most vegans are going to get too excited about. However, we are excited that some New York Applebee’s locations are now serving the Impossible Burger. Let’s hope that that expands to Applebee’s locations nationwide. Until then, here are the vegan options at Applebee’s:

Vegan Options at Applebee’s

VeggL Quick Order

  • Chips & Salsa
  • Fries^
  • Southwest Steak Salad. Advise NO steak or cheese. Ask for double the black bean corn salsa. Substitute the cilantro ranch dressing with Chili Lime Vinaigrette or use no dressing.
  • Baked Potato with steamed broccoli (advise not to cook with or top with butter). Ask for salsa or other Vegan Dressing (see below for dressing options). *Not a menu item*
  • Applesauce
  • Broccoli. Advise not to cook with or top with butter.

Vegan Dressings

  • Chili Lime Vinaigrette
  • Fat Free Italian Dressing
  • Lemon Oil Vinaigrette

^May be cooked in the same fryer as meat products.

Email from Applebee’s, “At this time, we do not have any items that are entirely free of animal products. Applebee’s does not claim it’s products to be either vegetarian or vegan nor that they meet the requirements for any special dietary regimen. Trace amounts of meat or animal products may be present as a result of preparation or cooking.”

The Impossible Burger is now available in some New York locations

Applebee’s Vegan FAQ

Does Applebee’s have a vegan burger?

Applebee’s is currently testing the Impossible Burger at some of their New York locations. If you’d like to contact Applebee’s and encourage them to offer the Impossible Burger nationwide you can contact them here

Is Applebee’s Pasta Vegan?

No. Currently none of the pastas offered at Applebee’s is vegan.

Are Applebee’s mashed potatoes vegan?

No. The Garlic mashed potatoes at Applebee’s contains butter.

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Our Picks

Jen’s Pick: A baked potato(no butter), broccoli(no butter) and salsa.

Ryan’s Pick: The only time I’ve been to an Applebee’s since going vegan I kept it pretty simple. Chips & Salsa and then a salad with the Chili Lime Vinaigrette.

More Info:

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