Vegan Options at Wayback Burgers (Updated 2023)

Vegan Options at Wayback Burgers

The vegan options at Wayback Burgers is limited to basically fries and a salad. They do seem to be giving some effort into trying to offer plant based options, but they’re just not quite there yet.

They do have a veggie burger on the menu, but it appears to be the Original Gardenburger which contains cheese, therefore, not vegan.

They offered a limited run of an Impossible Melt in the spring of 2020, but that ended in April with no word yet on whether that will become a permanent fixture on the menu.

Even still, the Impossible Melt seemed to come with it’s own hurdles. The Burger came with swiss cheese and a two buttered buns. Hopefully, if the Impossible Melt comes back, they also offer a more vegan-friendly version.

In the meantime, here is everything currently vegan at Wayback Burgers:

Vegan Options at Wayback Burgers


  • Fries
  • House Made Chips


  • Garden Salad – Order with NO cheese. Also, we have not been able to confirm whether the croutons are vegan. We are waiting to hear back from Wayback and we’ll update here once we do.

Dipping Sauces and Dressings

  • Wayback Gold
  • BBQ

Wayback Burgers Vegan FAQ

Does Wayback Burgers have a veggie burger?

Yes, they do, but it’s not vegan. Their veggie burger is the Original Gardenburger which contains cheese.

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More Info:

  • If you’d like to check out Wayback Burgers’ full menu, head over their Official Menu Page
  • Information pulled directly from Wayback Burgers’ Allergen List
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