Vegan Options at Sonic Drive-In (Updated 2021)

Vegan Options at Sonic Drive-In

Sonic isn’t exactly vegan-friendly, but there are a few things you can grab if you find yourself at one. Maybe you’re out with friends or family and Sonic becomes the lunch destination. If you’re okay with some potential cross-contamination with fried items, then fries, tots or an order of onion rings will be the easiest things you can order.

If you’re not really hungry and want to get something fun, the slushes and many of the add-ins are vegan.

Outside of that, if you’re up for the challenge you can make-your-own veggie sandwich with a random assortment of bread and veggies. Would be awesome to see Sonic jump on the vegan burger wave, but we’re not there yet. In the meantime, here is everything vegan at Sonic Drive-In.

Vegan Options at Sonic Drive-In

Bread Options

  • Bagel^
  • Hamburger Bun*
  • Hot Dog Bun*
  • Philly Roll^
  • Soft Pretzel Twist
  • Texas Toast*
  • Tortilla*


  • Asian Sweet Chili Sauce^
  • Celery Salt^
  • Hickory BBQ^
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Salt/Pepper Blend

Condiment Packets

  • BBQ Sauce
  • Grape Jelly
  • Ketchup
  • Lemon Juice
  • Marinara
  • Mustard
  • Salsa de SONIC
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce^
  • Sweet Relish
  • Syrup

Flavor Add-Ins and Syrups

  • Blackberry
  • Blue Coconut
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Diet Cherry
  • French Vanilla
  • Grape
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Raspberry

Fried Items**

  • Fries
  • Onion Rings
  • Tots

Frozen & Ice Cream Items

  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Lemonade Slush
  • Limeade Slush
  • Plain Slush Base

Grill Items

  • Grilled Onions


  • FRITOS Corn Chips
  • Mint
  • Tree Top Applesauce

Sandwich Toppings

  • Avocado^
  • Dill Pickle Chips
  • Dill Pickle Spears^
  • Hatch Green Chiles^
  • Jalapenos
  • Lettuce
  • Diced Onions
  • Sauerkraut^
  • Sport Peppers^
  • Sweet Pickle Relish
  • Tomato

Toppings and Add-Ins

  • Fresh Banana
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Maraschino Cherries
  • Peanut Butter Topping
  • Pecans*
  • Strawberry Topping

*Certain SONICĀ® fresh bread products may have different ingredients because SONICĀ® Drive-Ins purchase from local bakeries whose ingredients and allergens may vary. Ingredients in the following bread products include wheat, milk or egg in any combination and other allergens: hamburger buns, wheat buns, hot dog buns and Texas toast. – Sonic Allergen Guide

**WARNING: Fried foods may be exposed to gluten and allergens. Fryer oil may come in contact with items containing milk, egg, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat and gluten because fried items are not always fried in designated stations. – Sonic Allergen Guide

^Optional items that may NOT be available in all locations.

Sonic Drive-In Vegan FAQ

Sonic Drive In
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Are Sonic Cinnastacks vegan?

The Cinnabon Cinnastacks at Sonic contain both egg and milk and therefore are not vegan. They are also fried which adds cross-contamination issues.

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Our Picks

Ryan’s Pick: I’ve only had Sonic once since going vegan. I had some tots and that was it.

Jen’s Pick: I haven’t been to Sonic since pre-vegan and even then I think I only got tots. I’ll update this if I end up at one again. 

More Info

  • Sonic was founded in 1953 (I had no idea Sonic had been around that long) in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Sonic currently has almost 3500 locations all across the US.
  • If you’d like to see all the options on Sonic’s menu, check out Sonic Drive-In‘s Full Menu
  • Information pulled directly from Sonic’s Allergen Guide
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  • We are working tirelessly to make sure all the information contained in VeggL is accurate and up to date. However, sometimes options change. If you notice a change at a restaurant that we need to know about, let us know

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