Are Five Guys Fries Vegan? (Regular and Cajun)

Are Five Guys Fries Vegan

Five Guys doesn’t have a vegan burger (at least yet!) so there’s not a whole lot of reasons why, if you eat a plant-based diet, to be in a Five Guys in the first place.

However, there’s the fries.

Five Guys fries are amazing, especially those Cajun fries – but… are they vegan?

Yes! The fries at Five Guys are absolutely vegan. This goes for the regular Five Guys Style fries and the Cajun Style fries.

So, if you find yourself at a Five Guys, whether you’re with friends or you’re like me and you occasionally hit up Five Guys just for the fries, enjoy!

What About Cross-Contamination?

What makes Five Guys really cool and very different from most fast food or fast casual spots is that the fries at Five Guys have their own dedicated fryer.

Part of this is due to Five Guys’ limited menu. They run on a philosophy of only doing a few things and doing them really well.

If you want to see the whole fry frying process at Five Guys (which starts with actual fresh potatoes that are cut in store), then you should check out this cool story we found of a Five Guy employee walking people through the whole process on Tik Tok.

Do Five Guys Fries Have Dairy?

Have you not been following along?

Seriously though, we added this here because it’s one of the questions we get a lot. The answer is, no, Five Guys fries do not contain dairy. In fact, you can see the full list of Five Guys fries ingredients just below.

What are the Ingredients in Five Guys Fries?

Many times when we go through fast food menu items they end up having triple the amount of ingredients than you’d think they should have and half of them you have to google to figure out what they are.

Not the case with Five Guys. They have an absolute minimum amount of ingredients which is really refreshing to see.

The Refined Peanut Oil is there because Five Guys uses 100% peanut oil to fry their fries.

Five Guys Style

Potatoes, Refined Peanut Oil, Salt

Five Guys Cajun Style

Potatoes, Refined Peanut Oil, Salt, Cajun Seasoning: Blend of Garlic, Salt, Onion, Paprika, Oregano, White Pepper, Red Pepper, Spice

Ingredients pulled from Five Guys’ Nutrition and Allergen Info.

Is Five Guys Fry Sauce Vegan?

If you’re wondering what in the world is ‘Five Guys Fry Sauce’ then you’re definitely not from Utah. Apparently, Utah has a thing for ‘Fry Sauce’ which is generally a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Five Guys version of ‘Fry Sauce’ is also essentially a combo of ketchup and mayo – mayo which contains egg, so no, their ‘Fry Sauce’ is not vegan.

What Else is Vegan at Five Guys?

Five Guys

Well, not much. The fries are basically you’re only option.

Oh, and those peanuts. I don’t think I’ve ever bought peanuts in my life outside of a baseball game, but for some reason while I’m waiting for my fries to be done I can’t get enough of those peanuts.

If you do want to see everything vegan Five Guys offers, check out our Five Guys Vegan Guide.

Why do Five Guys put Extra Fries in the Bag?

While we’re talking all things Five Guys Fries, let’s finish this article off with another popular question, “Why do Five Guys always put extra fries in the bag?”.

Ask yourself this, have you ever left out of Five Guys feeling like you didn’t just get an amazing deal with all those extra fries? No? Me neither.

Putting all those extra fries in the bag makes you immediately forget you just paid over $4 for a ‘Regular’ size fry. It’s genius is what it is and we’re here for it.

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