Vegan Options at Five Guys (Updated 2021)

Vegan Options at Five Guys

Five guys keeps a pretty limited menu to begin with and the vegan options are limited to, well, fries. According to the Five Guy’s website – “the fries are just plain potatoes cooked in 100% peanut oil and are suitable for even vegan diets.” So even though you can only grab fries, they are some of the best fries in all of fast food.

Here is everything vegan at Five Guys.

Vegan Options at Five Guys

Five Guys Fries
Two “Little” Fries from Five Guys, Cajun and Regular… and don’t forget the Peanuts!


  • Cajun Fries
  • Regular Fries

Toppings (NOTE: Any toppings such as onions that are grilled are going to be grilled on the same grill as the burgers and therefore are subject to cross-contamination)

  • Green Peppers
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Lettuce
  • Onions (grilled or raw)
  • Pickles
  • Tomatoes


Don’t forget the peanuts! Just like I’m a sucker for free chips and salsa when I go to a Mexican restaurant, I can’t help but completely devour some peanuts every time I walk into a Five Guys. (which, admittedly, is way less than back in the day)

Five Guys Vegan FAQ

Are Five Guys Fries vegan?

Yes! …and fried without ANY animal product in peanut oil.

Is the Five Guys veggie burger vegan?

First, the veggie burger isn’t a burger, it’s a veggie sandwich. The veggie sandwich at Five Guys consists of grilled onions, mushrooms, and green peppers, layered with lettuce and tomatoes, on a soft toasted bun. The problem is, the toasted bun contains milk and eggs. So, the veggie sandwich at Five Guys is not vegan.

Does Five Guys have the Impossible Burger?

No. Would be cooler if they did though. Seriously, Five Guys does not offer any vegan burger options whether it’s the Impossible Burger or the Beyond Burger.

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Our Picks

Ryan’s Pick: The Cajun fries are awesome and the regular fries aren’t bad either. Just remember that a “Little” order of fries is still an insane amount of fries. I tried (and failed terribly) to eat the two orders of fries in the pick above. So. Many. Fries.

Jen’s Pick: While the Cajun fries have a lot more seasoning, they are just a teeny bit too spicy for me so I pick the regular fries.

More Info

  • If you’d like to see Five Guys full menu, click over to their Official Menu Page
  • Information pulled from Five Guys Nutrition and Allergen Menu
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