Is Subway’s Veggie Patty Vegan?

Vegan Options at Subway

It has come to my attention that, in 2023, there is information out there that says that Subway’s Veggie Patty is not vegan. I know this because yesterday we received a contact form, from a VeggL user, accusing us of “spreading misinformation.”

This person said the Veggie Patty contains egg whites and then shared with me that this is an animal product. I have been an ethical vegan for over 10 years now; having someone explain what veganism is to me on my vegan website is always a lovely gesture.

Please know, we love when our VeggL users contact us. You all have been incredibly helpful when it comes to updates and changes you notice on our vegan guides.

But it’s one thing to send questions or concerns about the ingredients of an item and another when it’s accusatory.

Since this appears to still be a potential concern, in 2023, I am giving Subway’s Veggie Patty its own article.

Let’s first answer whether what was told to us in the contact form is true or not.

Does Subway’s Veggie Patty contain egg whites?

No. Subway’s Veggie Patty does NOT contain egg whites in the United States. Is it possible that it does in other countries? Possibly. VeggL is a United States based website. We do not look at ingredient lists of menu items from other countries.

We also notate that we are a United States based website, just below our cross-contamination disclosure, on our Subway Vegan GuideOpens in a new tab..

What are Subway’s Veggie Patty ingredients?

In November 2021, Subway changed the recipe of their Veggie Patty to the following ingredientsOpens in a new tab.:

VEGGIE PATTY: Carrots, Onions, Green Beans, Oat Bran, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Zucchini, Soybeans, Peas, Broccoli, Corn, Soy Flour, Spinach, Red Bell Peppers, Arrowroot Powder, Garlic, Corn Starch, Corn Meal, Salt, Methyl Cellulose, Parsley, Black Pepper. Contains: Soy

These ingredients remain the same as of May, 2023.

Is Subway’s Veggie Patty Vegan?

Vegan Options at Subway
Subway’s Veggie Patty on Italian Bread with Banana Peppers, Red Onion, Green Bell Peppers, Cucumber, Spinach, Tomato and Sweet Onion Sauce. 2022

Yes! Subway’s Veggie Patty has been vegan since November 2021. 

Is Subway’s Veggie Patty available at all locations?

No. Not every location offers the Veggie Patty. You will have to ask if it is available prior to ordering.

Or, to save you a drive and/or time, you can check their online ordering prior to visiting to see if it is available at the location you are choosing.

What is the Nutrition in Subway’s Veggie Patty?

According to Subway’s Nutritional GuideOpens in a new tab., the Veggie Patty has 170 calories, 9g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 0 cholesterol, 320mg sodium, 17g carbohydrates, 8g dietary fiber, 2g sugar and 6g protein.

In Conclusion…

While this is a short and to-the-point article highlighting Subway’s Veggie Patty, we hope it clears up any questions or concerns you may have had. This information is not hidden. You can access their allergen guide, ingredients list and nutritional list on Subway’s websiteOpens in a new tab..

We have absolutely no problem answering questions from our contact forms and emails. In fact, we ask you to let us know if you notice a change or update needs to be made to a guide. We have put our hearts and souls into this work; giving our time and research to you for free. Being accusatory isn’t a kind way to go about it.

To see our complete vegan guide for Subway, go here! 🙂


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