Vegan Options at KFC (Updated 2023)

Vegan Options at KFC

The vegan options at KFC got a little better…  that is, for a limited time and while supplies lasted.

What are we referring to? In January 2022, KFC had launched Beyond Fried Chicken nationwide but as of March, we are no longer seeing it on their menus. 

We were actually lucky enough to be a part of KFC’s testing of Beyond Chicken in 2019. It happened at the KFC in Smyrna, Georgia–just 10 minutes from our house. So to see this roll out nationwide was exciting. We were just surprised it lasted for such a short time. 

Let’s see what all of your vegan options are:

KFC Beyond Chicken
Beyond Chicken seemed to get plenty of “demand” when they ran their test in Smyrna, Ga. in 2019!

Vegan Options at KFC


…for a limited time and while supplies last. As of March 2022, we are no longer seeing Beyond Fried Chicken on menus. If you happen to still have it available, we’re keeping the following information available for you. You do have other vegan-friendly options at KFC. We have those listed below. 

  • Beyond Fried Chicken* – Order as a combo meal (with fries* and drink) or a la carte in a 6 or 12 piece order. 

*Beyond Fried Chicken contains vegan ingredients but may share a fryer with animal products. KFC had made the announcement that they will share a fryer but we are hearing that some locations are frying theirs separately. Check with your location.

Ask for ketchup or hot sauce since your only other dipping sauce options, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch and the KFC Sauce, are NOT vegan.

KFC Beyond Fried Chicken
We tried it! …and it exceeded our expectations. If you were a KFC fan prior to being vegan, we feel pretty comfortable saying this Beyond Fried Chicken is now one of the best vegan fast food items available and has that KFC signature taste.

Our Beyond Fried Chicken Review.

Homestyle Sides

  • BBQ Baked Beans … contain sugars, corn syrup, caramel color & natural flavors we have not confirmed if vegan.
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Green Beans … contain MSG
  • Secret Recipe Fries* … contain MSG
  • Sweet Kernel Corn


  • House Side Salad. Order with NO Croutons and with the Marzetti Light Italian Dressing … comes with lettuce and tomatoes. 


  • Apple Turnover … contains high fructose corn syrup and palm oil

Dipping Sauces and Condiments

  • Ketchup
  • Grape Jelly Packet
  • Strawberry Jam Packet
  • Lemon Juice Packet

Ask your location about the hot sauce. If they have it, it might be vegan. We have not been able to verify this yet. 

Kids Meal Applesauce

  • Musselman’s Applesauce

*Beyond Fried Chicken will share a fryer with animal products. You choose your level of comfort with this cross-contamination. We are waiting for more information regarding the cross-contamination of the fries. Please ask your location for more information. 



Are KFC fries vegan?

The secret recipe fries themselves at KFC are vegan. However, make sure to check with your location if they share a fryer if you are concerned with cross contamination.

One more note on the fries. Here are the official ingredients for the fries at KFC:

Sea Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Maltodextrin, Salt, Dextrose, Vegetable Powders (Onion, Carrot, Tomato), Tricalcium Phosphate, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Spices, Soybean Oil, Natural Flavors, Potassium Chloride, Paprika Extract (color), Turmeric Extract (color). Potaoes, Vegetable Oil (Soybean, Canola, Cottonseed, And/Or Sunflower), Bleached Wheat Flour, Contains 2% Or Less Of: Rice Flour, Durum Wheat Semolina, Dextrin, Salt, Degermed Yellow Corn Meal, Cornstarch, Leavening ( Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Dextrose, Xanthan Gum, Annatto Extract Color, Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate (To Maintain Natural Color).

Yes, those are the ingredients just for the fries. This doesn’t change the fact that they are still vegan, but we were a bit shocked when we learned this and thought it was something we should share with you as well.

Is the Beyond Fried Chicken at KFC vegan?

The ingredients of the Beyond Fried Chicken itself are vegan; however, the frying process does share a fryer with animal products, specifically chicken. You choose your level of comfort in deciding if this is vegan for you. 

Does KFC still offer Potato Wedges?

No. In the spring/summer of 2020, KFC removed their Potato Wedges and rolled out the new Secret Recipe French Fries.

In doing our research, we see many people are not happy about the discontinuation and have been voicing their opinions on social media. 

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Our Picks

Ryan’s Pick: We went for the Beyond Chicken event in Marietta, GA. Had the Beyond Boneless Wings and Potato Wedges. The Wings themselves were good, but not something to get overly excited for. The idea of KFC offering a vegan option like that is still pretty awesome though.

Jen’s Pick: For those of you that were KFC fans prior to being vegan, their Beyond Fried Chicken is spot on. I was reminded when trying it that I was not a big fan of KFC, except for their sides, so I would go with a side.

And to be honest, their wedges were my favorite which are no longer an option. 

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  • Disclaimer: We do everything possible at VeggL to make sure all our Vegan Guides are as up to date as possible, but sometimes menus and menu items can change. VeggL is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information. Always check with your location and server to confirm items are vegan when ordering. If you notice something that needs to be corrected – please let us know!