Vegancuts (Snack & Beauty Box Review)

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Have you heard of Vegancuts? Are you vegan and aware that there is a subscription box you can have delivered to your door each month… with ALL vegan goodies? 

Vegancuts sent us their snack box and beauty box to check out. In all honesty, I have been watching Vegan Youtuber’s open Vegancuts boxes for years on my Ipad, while washing the dishes or folding laundry. 

So yes, I am a bit familiar. I was also secretly hoping someone would give me a subscription as a gift.

Keep this in mind if you have a vegan in your life that would appreciate discovering new goodies. A gift is a great option–I know we were looking forward to opening our boxes. 

What Is Vegancuts?

In it’s simplicity, Vegancuts is a company that curates boxes, containing various vegan products you can receive each month through a subscription. 

The two we received, the snack box and beauty box, are what you would choose from. They both start at $24.95 but the more months you pay for, the cheaper each month is. 

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Each month offers different products and with each month a different animal sanctuary is highlighted. You will receive an insert with the highlighted sanctuary and a portion of the sales will go directly to support them. 

Which Box Do You Choose?

Vegancuts Snack Box

Snack Box
. The Vegancuts Snack Box is the one I see the most often from other vegans. Our box came with 11 items in it to try. Eleven! We thought that was pretty good and appreciated the variety. 

The only item that was not new to us were the Hippeas, but let’s be honest… they’re so good, we did not mind. 

And if we’re going to keep being honest, we didn’t love everything we tried but there was enough we did like and when seeing other reviews, this seems to be consistent.

The cool thing is being able to try brands and products we would otherwise not have access to or know was available. 

Vegancuts Karma Nuts Cashews
A few of the items we discovered and look forward to getting again are the Nairn’s Oat Grahams, Karma Cocoa Dusted Cashews, and Bakery On Main’s Decadent Monster Cookie granola. 

We loved discovering these items, especially the Karma Cocoa Dusted Cashews. I wouldn’t have picked these up but will now.

The Grahams would be awesome to make Smores with.

And the next time I find the granola, I will top an unsweetened yogurt with it. I happened to just eat it out of the bag as a snack and while it was so good, it was sweet. Basically, this granola was a cookie crumbled up with oats in a bag. Yum!

VeganCuts Beauty Box
Beauty Box
. This was the box I was looking the most forward to. I have seen some really great products in this box in the past from others opening it so my expectations may have been a little high. 

What I did notice between the snack box and the beauty box is the beauty box has prices on the card. I really appreciated this because beauty products can really vary in cost. 

With this boxes goodies, I found one I could not use, one that made me learn something new and the other two I really enjoyed.

Vegancuts Beauty Box
It is unfortunate that two of the higher-cost items were the two that I’m going to get the least use out of. The Apertif is very strong with a floral rose scent… I get migraines from floral scents. I will be able to give this as a gift though!

And the Blue Light Shield Cream had me doing a little research to understand if and why this is necessary. What I found was mixed information. Older articles said that blue lights can cause as much damage as the sun to your skin while newer articles said the opposite. 

I will use this product but for now, I will leave my reviews for after I use it for some time. 

The other two products in this box, the Yummycado Face Scrub and Thera Intensive Foot Cream are awesome! Finding products like these are why this box is fun to get.

Are Vegancuts Worth It?

This is a great question and possibly the ultimate question. I say yes. We really enjoyed discovering products we otherwise would not have known about or bought had we seen them at the store. 

But when it came to the beauty box, you do have to weigh how much it costs if the cheaper items are the only ones that resonate with you.

Only you can decide if either of these boxes would be worth it. Maybe it’s a special treat you get each month (ya know, that feel good dopamine hit), a date night surprise, or even a gift to yourself for a goal accomplished. 

But what I will mention again is that I think these would make really great gifts; so keep that in mind for that special vegan in your life or even for someone who has allergies. 

-> And don’t forget to use the code, VeggL, for $5 dollars off either your Vegancuts Snack or Beauty Box. You will receive free U.S. shipping.



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  1. Love This! Those cocoa dusted cashews look so good! Definitely going to have to buy some of those next time I go out shopping. 🙂

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