Vegan Protein Cookie Showdown – Lenny & Larry vs Munk Pack

vegan protein cookie showdown

I love testing out all these new vegan protein products that I see all over the place now. A new product I ran across yesterday was Munk Pack vegan protein cookies.

Since I’m somewhat of a vegan protein cookie aficionado (check out our Ultimate Lenny & Larry’s Cookie Review) I thought I’d give these a shot and see how they compare to Lenny & Larry’s.

There will be 3 rounds for this showdown: Price, Nutrition & Taste. So without further ado – Let’s GET READY TO… err, taste? (That other phrase is copyrighted and I don’t need Michael Buffer knocking on my door.) Here we go!

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Prices can be hit and miss depending of where you buy, quantity and whether or not you can catch a sale. However, a quick google search shows you can buy a 4 count box of both Lenny & Larry’s and Munk Pack.

There’s not much difference between the two; about $1.50 to $2 per cookie which is right in line with most protein cookies/bars.

Lenny & Larry: 6.49

Munk Pack: 6.99

Winner of Round 1: Lenny & Larry

While L&L is a bit cheaper, this is one of those close rounds where both cookies are just feeling each other out. Slight edge to Lenny & Larry, but we’ve got a lot of fight left to go.


Both are plant based protein. Both are Non-GMO.

Lenny & Larry: 400 Calories (For the Double Chocolate). 14g Fat. 62g Carbs. 16g Protein. 10g Fiber.

Munk Pack: 360 Calories (Double Chocolate). 20g Fat. 34g Carbs. 18g Protein. 6g Fiber. Gluten Free.

Winner of Round 2: Munk Pack

Less calories. More protein. Easy win for Munk Pack. Also, this is one of those situations where less fiber is actually a good thing. 10g of Fiber is a little more than I need in a protein cookie/bar.

Munk Pack is also Gluten Free while I didn’t see where L&L makes this claim. Doesn’t make a difference for me personally, if you are Gluten Free this is a knockout punch. (These boxing references are getting exhausting)

This is getting interesting. We’re going into the final round with Munk Pack ahead on points. Can they knock off the champ?


Lenny & Larry: I know there are some who are not fans of Lenny & Larry Cookies. I am not one of those some.

While every flavor isn’t a home run, the good ones (like the White Chocolate Macadamia) are really good.

They taste exactly how you would expect a cookie that is packed with extra protein to taste. Good flavor along with that protein-y taste that those who have spent their lives scarfing down protein bars have come to enjoy.

Munk Pack: I want to say they’re awesome, but I can’t. They are not terrible. I got a four pack and it’s not like I’m not going to eat them all, but I probably won’t buy again. They are pretty dry.

It’s hard to actually taste much flavor from the cookie–possibly because I was trying to wash down every bite. I may try another flavor, but I was a bit disappointed with the taste.

Winner – Lenny & Larry’s

The price and nutrition were basically a wash, so it all comes down to taste and the taste isn’t even close. Lenny & Larry is still the champ when it comes to the best Vegan Protein Cookies.

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