Vegan Options at Six Flags Great Adventure (2023)

Six Flags Great Adventure

Trying to find the vegan options at Six Flags Great Adventure has been much more difficult than we were expecting.

We have filled out contact forms and even chatted directly with the Six Flags National Support Center and nobody really seems to know what vegan options are available at the park. There are a few items, like salads and veggie burgers, that look like good possibilities but we can’t say for sure.

We do have the park policies for bringing in your own food and specifically how to go about getting your food approved because you are vegan.

The other reason we are putting out this “guide” is in the hopes that someone will see this and be able to give us more information that will benefit the community. If you think you are that person, please reach out and let us know so that we can improve this guide!

Six Flags Great Adventures Vegan Options

None that we are aware of at the moment. Doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t exist, we just haven’t been able to figure out what they are yet.

Can I Bring Food to Six Flags Great Adventures?

Six Flags El Toro Wooden Roller Coaster
Six Flags Great Adventure’s famous wooden roller coaster, El Toro. (Photo Credit: Pit Stock /

If you can’t be certain of what is available vegan-friendly inside the park, it’s natural to then turn your thoughts to bringing your own food to the park.

Here are two of Six Flags Official Policies regarding bringing in food to the park:

Food, Drinks, and Coolers (as of 5/11/22)

No outside food, drinks or coolers are allowed in the park. However, guests that have special dietary needs including food allergies, religious requirements, or restrictions, and baby food/formula are exceptions we can make. We will also mark containers to show it was approved by the park for entry.

Food Allergies (as of 5/11/22)

Guests who suffer from sensitivities or life-threatening allergies may bring food into the park if they do not feel comfortable with the menu options available. In this case, the food must be limited to the individual with the allergy and may contain:

two sealable sandwich bags (7×8 inches) and one snack to accommodate their visit (such as a piece of fruit, or a fruit bar, or a snack that fits in a sandwich bag). One small soft-sided cooler may be brought into the park to carry these items.

No outside beverages are permitted. Please see Security at Six Flags Great Adventure’s main entrance to receive a medical sticker.

The question becomes – Does Vegan count as a ‘special dietary need’ that allows you to bring in your own food?

When we asked that directly to the Six Flags National Support Center rep, we could not get a yes or no answer. They only regurgitated the policies listed above. We HIGHLY SUGGEST contacting the park directly and specifically asking about your visit date and your situation.

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