Portland International Airport Vegan Options (2024 Guide)

Vegan at Portland Airport

As we began researching the vegan options for the Portland Airport we discovered, of course, they are the first airport we have come across that actually has a vegan filter on their dining page. (We love you Portland)

So, working off that page, we began creating this guide to show you what you can order (and where to find it) throughout the airport.

In this guide we’re going to share with you the best few vegan options in each terminal along with a quick suggestion of what you can order there.

As with all dining, sometimes locations change and menus are updated. If you find anything that has become outdated or if know a great vegan option at Portland International Airport that’s not in this guide, please let us know so that we can update this page!

Having said that, some airport dining locations may still be temporarily closed.

Vegan Food at Portland Airport

Vegan Option in Clocktower Plaza (Pre-Security)

The Clocktower Plaza
The Clocktower Plaza. One of the most unique areas of any airport in the country. (Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock.com)

The Clocktower Plaza is an area located in the pre-security area of the airport that is quintessential Portland. It features many local businesses and what they refer to as ‘street pricing’ (as opposed to the higher pricing you normally find inside airports).

Bangkok Xpress

Bangkok Xpress is a Thai Food establishment located in the clocktower plaza. Like many of the establishments we have listed for Portland Airport, we actually don’t know the exact options Bangkok Xpress has that are vegan.

What we do know is that the PDX Dining Page specifically designates some locations as being vegan-friendly, and Bangkok Xpress is one of those.

North Lobby (just past security)

Capers Market

Offers healthy grab and go options. Check with someone at the market on specific vegan options.

Portland Coffee

Portland Coffee has three locations in Portland Airport. This location in the North Lobby, at the end of Terminal C and in the north concourse between terminals D and E.

We’ve not confirmed any of these menu items, but it appears their is Beyond Breakfast Burrito that could be modified to be made vegan (no eggs obviously). They also have an oatmeal cup and bagels that could potentially be vegan.

Finally, they do have a section on their menu labeled Petunias Gluten Free & Vegan Pastries & Sweets.

Our best advice is to just ask what items are specifically vegan (or can be made vegan!).

The Country Cat

Nothing specifically jumps off their menu as being vegan, but they are listed with the other vegan-friendly locations by the PDX Dining Page. Ask a host or server for options.

Vegan Options in Concourse B

Capers Cafe et Le Bar

Capers Cafe is a “Northwest Parisian” cafe and full-service bar. Nothing really jumps off their menu as being vegan, but they are listed along with the vegan-friendly locations inside the airport.

Vegan Options in Concourse C


Bambuza is a Vietnamese kitchen that is one of the featured vegan locations inside PDX.

A VeggL user let us know they do have a vegan menu you can ask to see that includes tofu salad hand rolls, a tofu grill bowl, a veggie pho noodle bowl, and sautéed tofu banh mi sandwich (order with NO mayo).

Thank you for the info, Christina!

Cafe Yumm!

Cafe Yumm! focuses on healthy options and provides selections for a wide range of dietary needs including gluten-free, organic, sugar-free, vegetarian and, or course, vegan.

They list so many vegan options on their menu page that it could warrant it’s own vegan guide. (With 14 locations in the northwest we may just have to make one!)

They have numerous Bowls, Bentos and Wraps that can be ordered vegan. Here is a link to their menu of vegan suggestions.

MOD Pizza

Create Your Own Vegan Pizza at MOD
My vegan pizza consisting of original crust, red sauce, vegan cheese, roasted corn, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, jalapenos and pineapple. Random? Probably. Delicious? Absolutely!

We are very familiar here at VeggL with MOD Pizza. They are a create-your-own style pizza spot and offer vegan-friendly pizza toppings like vegan cheese, vegan friendly sauces and tons of veggies.

MOD is one of our personal favorite places to grab a vegan pizza.


Starbucks now features Oat Milk at all of their US locations. They’ve also added a Chickpea Bites & Avocado ‘protein box’ to their menu.

It’s basically a healthier adult version of a Lunchable that many of us grew up on. It’s not the most exciting vegan option, but it’s definitely a step in a positive direction.

Concourse D

Thanks to Angela for the tips here on Concourse D – Burgerville and Hissho Sushi!


Has a Vega Burger (and a breakfast sausage sandwich) complete with cashew cheese. All of their milk shakes can be made vegan (called bliss shakes made with Cocobliss Ice Cream).

Hissho Sushi

Looks like they have a veggie roll that is vegan (I didn’t actually order from here so I’m not sure if there are other options that can be made vegan)

Concourse E


To be honest, this one perplexes us a little. Tillamook Market is listed as a vegan and vegetarian friendly location in the airport, but Tillamook is a rather well-known dairy brand. We also didn’t see anything that looked to be vegan.

If you can offer more insight into what is vegan inside the Tillamook Market, please let us know!

Food Carts

Portland airport also offers something you won’t find at many other airports: Food Carts. Portland has a very active food cart culture and you can get your very own taste of Portland’s food carts right at the airport.

Food Cart options can change and you may have to do a little of your own ‘on-site research’, but if you’re really wanting a taste of local, we highly suggest giving a local food cart a try if you find a good vegan option!

Delta Sky Lounge

We had a VeggL user let us know she has had success in finding vegan options at the Delta Sky Lounge.

This is not an option for everyone but for those of you who have access, she mentioned options like Thai-style food with veggies, brown & white rice or hummus & pita. Breakfast is generally bagels or oatmeal but she did mention kale salad is available on occasion and is marked as vegan.

Thank you, Angela!

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More Info

We hope this guide to the vegan options at the Denver International Airport made your travel just a little bit better!

If you have another airport stop in your near future, we have a growing list of airports there including locations like Atlanta and Phoenix Airport! Or just download the app and get access to them as soon as we add them!

Did we miss a great vegan option at the Denver Airport? We love getting feedback from our community on how we can improve all of our guides, so if you know something we don’t, please reach out and tell us!

Disclaimer: We do everything possible at VeggL to make sure all our Vegan Guides are as up to date as possible, but sometimes menus and menu items can change. VeggL is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information. Always check with your location and server to confirm items are vegan when ordering. If you notice something that needs to be corrected – please let us know!