Albuquerque International Sunport Airport Vegan Options 2023

Vegan Options at Airports in the United States

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’re currently standing in (or landing into) the Albuquerque International Sunport Airport.

Maybe you’re on your phone while checking out the southwestern architecture and cultural décor the Albuquerque Airport is known for and you’re trying to figure out where you’re going to get a bite to eat.

Finding vegan options when you’re traveling is already hard enough and airports add the added element of ‘what if’. You find a decent vegan option as you’re walking through your terminal, but then you wonder ‘what if’ there is a better option further down.

That’s why we created this guide!

This guide will give you every option we have found. Some locations may even have a link that will take you to a complete vegan options guide for that particular restaurant.

–> There are also a lot of local restaurants we mention that we have NOT confirmed if the options we found are in fact vegan. We suggest asking and then please pass that info on to us so we can make this guide even better for the next person who uses it. 

Vegan Options at Albuquerque Airport

3rd Level Pre-Security

Black Messa Coffee/Bakery

Our info is based on others’ experiences here (and a little info we were able to get from their website) so please verify these options are available when visiting. It appears Black Messa offers non-dairy milk options for coffee and oatmeal. 

Post Security

A/B Connector

Click on the name of any chain restaurant to see the full guide showing all their vegan options.

Panda Express

Panda Express Vegan Options
Overhead of all the vegan options we have listed in our ‘Quick Order’ except the Eggplant Tofu which disappeared from many Panda Express menus last March.

Chow Mein* and Vegetable Springs Rolls are all great accidentally vegan options at Panda Express. Pair these with steamed white or brown rice and add a side their yummy Super Greens.

Comida Buena

Comida Buena has a random collection of menu items. Not confirmed by Comida but what we found is coffee (no mention of non-dairy milk), fresh fruit, chips and paninis.

You could create your own panini by choosing sourdough bread or ask if any of the other breads are vegan. Choose your veggies and add a sauce like mustard, dijon mustard or vinegar & oil. 

La Trattoria

La Trattoria offers a make-your-own salad bar with over 20 toppings. We could not find a menu with what dressings are available to guarantee you have a vegan option but typically at least vinegar and oil is available. 

Rio Grande Brew Pub & Grill

The Rio Grand Brew Pub offers chips & salsa or guacamole. seasonal fruit and a black bean patty as a replacement for a burger. We have not confirmed if any of these are considered vegan options so please ask before ordering. 

Keva Juices

Looking for freshness, Keva Juices is your spot! A lot of their smoothies have yogurt and sherbert in them. The yogurt is not vegan and we have not confirmed if the sherbert is vegan.

So… our picks would be the Mean & Green. It has carrot juice almond milk, spinach, peanut butter & blueberries. Holy Kale comes with almond milk, banana, kale, spinach and strawberries.

The Berry Green. It comes with carrot juice, almond milk, kale, spinach, banana, blueberries & strawberries. And lastly, The Mamango. It comes with mango juice, spinach, banana and mango. 

Or, choose one of their fresh juices, juice shot or piece of fruit. 

Concourse A

Route 66 Lounge (A4)

Primarily alcohol available here but they do have chips & salsa as well. 

Black Messa Coffee/Bakery (A9-A11)

Our info is based on others’ experiences here (and a little info we were able to get from their website) so please verify these options are available when visiting. It appears Black Messa offers non-dairy milk options for coffee and oatmeal. 

Concourse B

Watch! Sports Lounge & Grill (A4)

We found a menu for Watch! that has chips and salsa or guacamole, fries and fresh fruit on it. We suggest asking if these options are vegan. You can ask if the fries & tortilla chips are fried in an animal free oil and if they share the fryers with chicken wings… if this is a concern for you. 

For any of the restaurants above, please let us know if you find better info than what we have. Helping us other vegans across the country. We thank you for that!

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