The Ultimate Vegan Frozen Burrito Guide

Vegan Frozen Burritos

Vegan frozen burritos are my jam. There, I said it.

Jen is a literal artist is the kitchen. She has her own website ( and some of her recipes can be found here on VeggL. I, however, have zero cooking skills and that’s why I love frozen burritos. They’re super easy to make, cheap and generally really good sources of protein. They’re also easy to take to work and heat up for a simple lunch.

Finding vegan frozen burritos, though, isn’t nearly as easy as their non-vegan counterparts.

VeggL is here to put an end to that. We have compiled the ultimate list of vegan frozen burritos.

Use our table below as a resource to find new vegan frozen burrito options that you may not be aware of yet. Use it as a reference to double-check what burritos are or are not vegan. We don’t care how you use it, we just hope you find it helpful.

We’ve included each brand we’ve found that has a vegan frozen burrito option. Then we list each variety, or “flavor”, of burrito that is vegan. Remember, not all of these brands will be 100% vegan companies so some will have vegan offerings, as well as, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as well.

We also include everything from vegan certified (which we notate in the list) to ‘accidentally’ vegan. As long as it doesn’t contain animal products, we list it. Finally, we include a couple other pieces of information that most of us want to know. Is the burrito Non-GMO and where can you buy them?

If you’d like even more info on the brands that are mentioned in our chart, scroll below to find additional info.


Brand Varieties Vegan Certified? non-GMO? Where to Buy
Amy’s Kitchen Bean and Rice, Black Bean, Black Bean & Quinoa, Breakfast, Classic Breakfast, Indian Aloo Mattar Yes Yes Where to Buy
Sweet Earth Foods The Anasazi, Big Sur Breakfast, Buffalo-Style Chik’n, The Curry Tiger, Lighten Up Breakfast Burrito No* Yes Find Near You
365 Everyday Value Bean and Rice No* No Whole Foods
Alpha Foods Chik’N Fajita, Mexicali, Original Breakfast, Philly, Pizza, Steakless Ranchero, Veggie Breakfast No* Yes Store Locator
Trader Joes Mildly Spiced Organic Vegetable Burritos No Yes Trader Joes
Daiya Homestyle Breakfast, Fiesta Breakfast, Santa Fe, Santiago, Tex-Mex, Tuscan Yes Yes Where to Buy

*These burritos don’t carry the vegan certified stamp, but they are all specifically labeled vegan on the wrapper

365 Everyday Value

365 Everyday Value is Whole Foods in house brand. They offer an enormous variety of products including frozen burritos. One of those frozen burritos, the Bean & Rice Burrito, is vegan.

It’s a solid burrito, but nothing special. If I’m being honest, there are a bunch of burritos on this list that is going beat the 365 bean burrito when it comes to taste. Where this burrito shines though, is the price. At my local whole foods you can almost always pick these burritos up for about two bucks. That’s a pretty amazing value that you can get every day (pun totally intended).

Alpha Foods Vegan Burritos
Alpha Burritos have interesting and unique flavors. Pictured are their Mexicali, Chik’N Fajita, Philly and Pizza.

Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods is one of the newer brands on the vegan landscape. They came on the scene in 2015 and make a variety of vegan products, primarily meat alternatives, burritos and pizzas. Pretty much all items that are going to be found in the freezer section.

They are a 100% plant-based company and are Non-GMO. They offer five different flavors of what they call ‘All Day Burritos’ and two different versions of Breakfast Burrito. Each of their burritos contain a good amount of plant-based protein – about 10g or 11g depending on the flavor.

Alpha Foods sets themselves apart from everyone else with their unique flavors, including Philly, Pizza and Chik’N Fajita.

Amy's Kitchen Vegan Burritos
Two varieties of Amy’s Kitchen vegan burritos – Black Beans & Vegetables and Beans & Rice.

Amy’s Kitchen

Known best (at least in our house) for their no-cheese pizzas, Amy’s Kitchen is one of the most popular vegan-friendly freezer section brands. Amy’s isn’t a completely vegan company, they also offer many vegetarian options as well. However, everything with Amy’s is clearly labeled so their is no confusion as to what is non-dairy. Their vegan burritos carry the Vegan Certified stamp.

Also, while Amy’s burritos aren’t officially labeled organic, if you look at the ingredients, pretty much every ingredient is organic.

Amy’s offers six different varieties of plant based burritos. They also offer a few more frozen ‘wraps’, which are pretty dang close to a burrito, but we’ll leave them off here for now.

My two favorites from Amy’s are the Bean and Rice and the Classic Breakfast. The Bean and Rice burrito is simple, but well executed. It consists of organic pinto beans, brown rice, veggies and a Mexican style sauce. The Breakfast Burrito is made of organic potatoes, tofu, black beans, veggies and salsa. Easily one of my favorite grab and go breakfast options.


Daiya, well known for their wide variety of vegan dairy products, very recently came out with their own line burritos. They offer six different varieties of burrito, all gluten, soy and dairy free. With everything from two different styles of breakfast burrito to Mexican and Italian flavors, you’re almost certain to find something to fit your taste buds.

Sweet Earth Vegan Burritos
The Buffalo-Style Chik’N and the Big Sur Breakfast burritos from Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth Foods

Sweet Earth Foods, like Amy’s Kitchen, has a very robust product line. In addition to frozen burritos, they also offer other products like pizza, plant-based burgers and plant-based deli slices. They’re also not a completely vegan company, they make both vegan and vegetarian items.

Their Big Sur Burrito used to be my absolute favorite frozen burrito, but they reformulated the recipe a few months back. I still like the Big Sur, it’s just not as good as it used to be.

Trader Joes

Trader Joes, why aren’t you closer to our house!?! Our closest Trader Joes is about a 30 minute drive away, which doesn’t sound bad except we have 3 different grocery stores within 5 minutes of us.

So, we don’t go nearly as much as we used to, but oh boy, these vegan burritos were a “must get” every time we made a trip. These and the Vegetable Spring Rolls. Yes, please!

Final Thoughts of Vegan Frozen Burritos

Vegan frozen burritos continue to evolve in variety of flavors, number of options and in overall taste. If you need a quick bite to eat heading out the door, something to take to work for lunch or are just feeling lazy there is a frozen burrito with your name on it. Each of the different brands represented on our list have different tastes and flavors so we really encourage you to try different ones and really find your favorites.

Is there a vegan frozen burrito out there that we missed? Please contact us and let us know so we can improve our list!

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