The Ultimate Vegan Cracker Guide

Ultimate Vegan Cracker List

Before I was vegan I loved a wine, cheese and crackers night. I knew, since I’m no longer eating animal or animal by-products, that the cheeses I had been eating were going to be a thing of the past.

But, the crackers should be fine, right? Crackers are basically just flour, right?

Turns out I couldn’t be more wrong. While you may not expect to find dairy in many of the popular name brand crackers at the grocery store, there it is.

But, why?

Milk is apparently used as an emulsifier that helps seasonings and flavorings stick to the cracker. This can be extremely annoying and frustrating, especially when first going vegan.

No worries, this is why VeggL exists.

Our ultimate list of vegan crackers contains every vegan cracker that we are aware of. The list includes the brand and the varieties, or flavors, of that brand that are vegan.

We include vegan certified crackers as well as “accidentally vegan” crackers. It also includes other info that many of us try to look for including vegan certified, non-GMO and some help on where to find some of the more unique brands.

Use the table below as a quick reference guide for when you’re in the grocery store or just trying to find new vegan cracker options that you may not be aware of (yet!). Then, you can check below the table to find more information on each brand.


Brand Variety(s) Vegan Certified? non-GMO? Where to find
Back to Nature Back to Nature has 21 different varieties of cracker. All of their crackers, even including their Cheese Flavored and White Cheddar flavored crackers are vegan. No Yes Where to Buy
Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor   Yes Where to Buy
From the Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers (Cheddar, Nacho, Sea Salt), Butternut Squash Crackers (Parmesan, Sea Salt) Yes Yes Store Locator
Good Thins Barbeque, Garden Veggie, Jalapeno & Lime, Sea Salt, Simply Salt No Yes  
GreenWise Gluten-Free Multi-Seed Brown Rice, Gluten-Free Sesame Brown Rice No   Publix
Late July Classic, Saltine No Yes Where to Buy
Mary’s Gone Crackers Black Pepper, Herb, Jalapeno, Original, Superseed (Classic, Basil & Garlic, Everything, Seaweed & Black Sesame, Rosemary), Real Thin (Tomato Basil, Olive Oil & Cracked Black Pepper, Chipotle, Sea Salt, Garlic Rosemary) Yes Yes Find Mary’s
Nabisco Grahams Original No No Everywhere
Organic Triscuit Original, Thin Crisps Original No Yes  
Ritz Original No No Everywhere
Simple Mills Cracked Black Pepper, Fine Ground Sea Salt, Rosemary & Sea Salt, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil No* Yes Store Locator
Triscuit Balsamic Vinegar & Basil, Fire Roasted Tomato, Hint of Salt, Original, Reduced Fat, Roasted Garlic, Rosemary & Olive Oil No No Everywhere
Vans Chili & Lime Time, Dill & Roasted Garlic, Fire Roasted Veggie, Lots of Everything, Perfect 10 No Yes Where to Buy
Wheat Thins Big, Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil, Hint of Salt, Multigrain, Original, Reduced Fat, Sundried Tomato & Basil No No Everywhere

*Simple Mills doesn’t have the Vegan Certified stamp, but their vegan varieties are labeled vegan on the box

Back to Nature Crackers
Back to Nature has 21 varieties of vegan cracker ranging from woven wheat to hemp seed to ‘cheddar’ snack crackers.

Back to Nature

Back to Nature has 21 different varieties of cracker. They have Cheese Flavored snack crackers, saltines, multi-grain, hemp seed, rice and whole wheat crackers.

While they don’t carry the certified vegan stamp, some are labeled vegan right on the box. Others aren’t necessarily labeled vegan, but all of their crackers are plant based and do not contain any dairy.

Back to Nature is also a brand that you can feel really good supporting. They are supporters of The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit group that works on climate change, protecting land & water, providing food & water sustainability, and building healthy cities.

Earth Balance Cheddar Squares
Earth Balance makes a vegan “cheddar” snack cracker that rivals that other non-vegan cheese cracker.

Earth Balance

You may know Earth Balance from their butters and peanut butters, but they make an amazing cheddar flavored snack cracker.

You can also feel good knowing Earth Balance is a 100% vegan, Non-GMO, plant based company.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, they’ve been making their vegan buttery spread since 1998. Their product line has expanded slightly since then and we’re happy snack crackers have been part of that expansion!

From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up is a 100% vegan certified, non-GMO and gluten free company. All of their crackers, along with their other snacks (pretzels, chips and ‘stalks’) meet all three of these standards.

Their crackers are baked snack cracker squares. Back in the day, I loved Cheez-Its. Loved them. When I went vegan I lost out on one of my favorite snacks. Then these crackers came along. From the Ground Up crackers, especially the Cheddar flavor, are excellent.

Good Thins

Because of Good Thins focus on Non-GMO, healthy ingredients – I always assumed Good Thins was a some small company making a name for themselves amongst the giants. I learned while researching this article that I was way off.

Mondelez, which owns Nabisco and therefore Good Thins, launched Good Thins in the spring of 2016 as a more healthy offering to their line of products.

This honestly is different than the usual course of events that these things go through. Usually, the “healthy alternative” is a small company that once it gets big enough, is just bought out by one of the giants and added to their line of products.

So, if you feel yourself feeling conflicted, join the club. On the one hand is a product that is Non-GMO, includes no artificial flavors, colors or high fructose corn syrup. Their ingredients are simple and each flavor only includes about 3 or 4 ingredients total.

On the other hand, Mondelez is a $30 billion dollar company so you’re definitely not supporting small business.

Whichever way you decide to go with Good Thins, at least you have the option because five of their flavors are vegan.


Anyone who shops at Publix grocery stores is probably familiar with the GreenWise brand. GreenWise is the organic Publix store brand. Two of their varieties of cracker (Multi-Seed & Sesame) are both vegan.

Late July Vegan Crackers
Late July makes two different varieties of vegan cracker. The ever popular saltine and classic rounds.

Late July

There’s a lot to like with Late July’s vegan cracker options. Both their Classic and Saltine crackers are vegan. They’re also organic, Non-GMO and contain no artificial colors or flavors. Last but certainly not least, they’re really good!

Late July may not be as well known (at least yet) as some of the other brands on this list, but we definitely recommend giving them a try if you find them in the grocery store.

Mary’s Gone Crackers

I’m going to be honest. I only very recently learned of Mary’s Gone Crackers. Wow, have I been missing out.

First off, they check every box for what we like to see in a brand. Vegan Certified, Non-GMO and whole plant-based ingredients. They even throw in a little plant-based protein to boot. We’ve not even mentioned yet that all of their crackers are organic as well.

They’re also delicious. So, enjoy some crackers guilt free from a company that believes in using plant based ingredients, sustainability and giving back to local foundations.


When we refer here to Nabisco, we are referring directly to their Nabisco Grahams. Nabisco Grahams is Nabisco’s signature graham cracker.

Some of you may already be aware of this, but Nabisco is a part of the Mondelez company (formerly Kraft Foods) which also owns about half of the crackers on this list. Nabisco owns Good Thins, Ritz, Triscuit and Wheat Thins (as well as dozens of other cookie and cracker brands).

So, if you are someone who likes to support small and local business, Nabisco and Mondelez probably aren’t what you’re looking for.

Organic Triscuit

Triscuit’s Organic line of crackers. Honestly not sure why we made it it’s own separate entry, but we did. So here it is. More on Triscuits below.


Delicious, buttery Ritz crackers are apparently not “buttery” at all. Ritz Original crackers are in fact, vegan. “Accidentally vegan” sure, but vegan none the less. We use these the most in our Vegan Chili’s!

Simple Mills

Looking for a delicious cracker that uses whole food ingredients that you can feel good about?

Let me introduce you to Simple Mills. Simple Mills makes their snack crackers from Almond Flour. Then they add simple, Non-GMO ingredients, flavors and spices to their baked crackers and the result is a healthy and great tasting cracker.

Their crackers are free of Gluten, Grains, Corn, Dairy and emulsifiers.


These whole grain crackers are one of the more popular brands on this list. They’re also another Nabisco/Mondelez owned brand.

What makes Triscuits slightly different than some of the other crackers are that Triscuits are made of shredded wheat which is woven together. This is what gives Triscuits their unique look and texture.

Vans Crackers
My two favorite varieties of Vans Crackers – Perfect 10 and Fire Roasted Veggie


Vans produces many organic, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free products including crackers, waffles, pancakes, cereals and snack bars.

While none of their crackers are carry the Certified Vegan label, many (all of them but the Say Cheese variety) are clearly marked free of any allergens including dairy.

It’s not necessarily easy to make a healthy gluten-free cracker taste delicious, but Vans pulls it off. I’m particularly fond of the Fire Roasted Veggie flavor.

Finally, the thing that perhaps I appreciate most about Vans is the price point. Many of the healthier crackers on the market can tend to be pretty pricey. I feel like Vans tends to be much more reasonable, sometimes not even that much different than the popular ‘mainstream’ brands.

Wheat Thins

Wheat Thins are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, snack crackers in the US. They are not vegan certified or Non-GMO, but they are made with whole grains and contain no artificial flavors or colors. They also contain no high fructose corn syrup.

These are my go-to crackers for a lazy Sunday afternoon crackers and hummus lunch–or with vegan cream cheese. The Sundried Tomato & Basil are my personal favorite.

Final Thoughts on Vegan Crackers

We hope this table served as a great resource for finding vegan cracker options. Did we miss a brand or variety that should be included? Contact Us and let us know!

Looking for more resources like this? Check out our Ultimate List of Vegan Chips or our list of Vegan Cheat Sheets of popular chain restaurants.

VeggL (Jen and Ryan)

VeggL is the passion project of Jen & Ryan. Both vegan (Jen since 2012, Ryan since 2018), they wanted to help other vegans & plant based folks through an incredibly frustrating process--trying to figure out what you can eat & where in the US. Pictured w/ our pups, Mia & Chompers.

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