The 21 Best Vegan Cereals – Ranked

14. Kashi Dark Cocoa Karma – This Kashi cereal has Frosted Mini-Wheats vibe from a look and texture standpoint. Taste wise they have a slight chocolate flavor. They do hold up in milk better than I expected and find themselves right in the middle of the “not bad, but there are much better options out there” tier.

Kashi is super annoying when it comes to serving size. A serving size is simply 34 biscuits. So, I’m doubling it for my numbers here:

Calories: 400
Protein: 10g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Non-GMO & Fair Trade certified cocoa on packaging

13. Quaker Life Original – Simple, but solid. That’s the only way I can think to sum up original Life cereal. There is not a lot of flavor going on, but unlike the Morning O’s, they’re very enjoyable. The crunch holds up decently to milk, but I wouldn’t let them sit for too long. Also, sneaky high protein amount with 9g in my 2 cup serving.

Calories: 320
Protein: 9g

Jen’s Notes: Contains sugar, calcium carbonate and BHT. Sugar that is not notated as organic or Cane is processed with bone char. Calcium Carbonate can be Vegan but could possibly not be. Most come from limestone or other rocks and rarely come from oyster or mussel shells. BHT is a waxy substance, derived from components of petroleum, that keeps food from going rancid–not vegan. And while it is, “generally recognized as safe,” by the US FDA, it is banned in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and throughout Europe. 

12. Grape Nuts Original – Similar to Life in the fact that there isn’t a ton of flavor going on, but they’re enjoyable. They hold their crunch extremely well in milk and your last bite is going to be pretty similar to your first bite. Now, as it comes to the nutrition, I may need to rethink my full ‘2 cup’ bowl. Grape Nuts packs a PUNCH of calories and protein – 840 calories and 32g of protein (insert big eyed shock face emoji). This is not to mention that I’d be throwing down 28g of fiber for breakfast – heck of a way to start the day.

Calories: 840
Protein: 32g

Barbara's Puffins Protein Berry Burst

11. Barbara’s Berry Blast Protein Puffins – Want your puffins with a boost of protein? Yes please! Not only are the Berry Blast puffins the best tasting of the puffins, the added boost of protein was almost enough to get these puffins into the top ten.

Calories: 280
Protein: 12g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO & Kosher on packaging

10. Kashi Go Chocolate Crunch Cereal – Cracking the top ten of the best vegan cereals is our second Kashi cereal – the Go Chocolate Crunch. This is a really solid cereal. Great crunch, good taste and filling (over 500 calories in my bowl). At 24g, the protein content is amazing. Lastly, Go Crunch makes a cameo appearance in the original Thor and if it’s good enough for Thor it’s good enough for me.

Calories: 506
Protein: 24g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Vegan, use Fair Trade Chocolate & Non-GMO on packaging

9. Love Grown Power O’s – This is our first of (spoiler alert!) two Love Grown cereals on the list. Love Grown is a relatively new cereal brand made from beans. Power O’s are their version of, you guessed it, Cheerios. The taste will throw you off at first, but it really grew on me. They have a great crunch that holds up in milk. Lastly, you get 10g of protein with only 208 calories per bowl, which is a great protein ratio.

Calories: 208
Protein: 10g

Jen’s Notes: Denoted as Vegan, Gluten Free & Non-GMO on packaging

8. Cap’n Crunch w/Crunch Berries – One of the best tasting cereals on the list. If you’re a cereal fan I shouldn’t have to explain to you how Cap’n Crunch with the delicious Crunch Berries taste. If you’re not a cereal fan then I’m not quite sure why you’re reading this list. Let’s be honest though, they’re sitting at number 8 because they’re easily the worst for you on this list. I’ve never felt more shame pouring a bowl of cereal after reading through an ingredient list. But, make no mistake, they are oh-so-good!

Calories: 267
Protein: 3g

Jen’s Notes: Contains Brown Sugar, Palm and Yellow Dyes. Brown Sugar gets processed using bone char. Palm oil devastates forests, animals and people. Look for products that use responsibly sourced palm oil or avoid it all together. Yellow Dye #5 & #6–as above with the regular Cap’n Crunch, I ask you to do your research or even better, don’t eat these! Many studies have been done on these dyes, require special labeling in Europe or are banned all together in other countries. 

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