Wrigley Field Vegan Options 2021 (Chicago Cubs)

Vegan Food at Wrigley Field

The exciting new vegan option at Wrigley Field in Vegan Oatly Soft Serve Ice Cream! It was announced just prior to the 2021 MLB Season that two parks, Globe Life Field (Home of the Texas Rangers) and Wrigley Field in Chicago were going to offer Oatly Ice Cream!

What makes this even more spectacular, aside from the fact you can now order vegan ice cream at two major ball parks, is that prior to this announce there was only one place in the country you could order an Oatly soft serve vegan cone.

Vegan Food at Wrigley Field

Most Locations

  • Hot Pretzels

Oatly Soft Serve

Oatly Soft Serve at Wrigley
Oatly Soft Serve at Wrigley (Pic Courtesy of the Chicago Cubs)
  • Sec 110 Third Base Classics

Northside Twist Giant Pretzel (NO Sweet Cream Dipping Sauce)

  • Section 103 (Pizza Stand)
  • Section 129 (Pizza Stand)

Nacho Grande / Big Slugger Nachos (Order with NO Chili, Cheese or Sour Cream)

  • Section 134 Sheffield Corner
  • Section 307 Upper Left Field Nacho Portable
  • Section 327 Upper Right Field Nacho Portable

Beyond Burger (Modifications Needed)

Modifications: By default the Beyond Burger comes with American cheese as well as a special sauce that has a mayo base. Both of those will have to be omitted. Next the burger buns are brioche and contain egg white. (No vegan bread is offered for burgers, just the Beyond Brat)

  • Sec 217 Marquee Grill
  • Sec 110 Third Base Classics
  • Sec 117 Marquee Classics
  • Sec 123 First Base Classics
  • Sec 309 Left Field Classics
  • Sec 324 Right Field Classics
  • Sec 513 (lower bleachers) Red Line Grill

Beyond Brat

Beyond Brat at Wrigley
Beyond Brat at Wrigley (Pic Courtesy of the Chicago Cubs)
  • Sec 536 (upper bleachers) Chicago Dogs

Can I Bring Food Into Wrigley Field?

Not being sure of the vegan options that will be available when heading to an event leads many of us to try to just bring our own food. If you’re thinking of bringing your own food to Wrigley, here are a few policies at the park that you need to be aware of. These were pulled directly from the Cubs’ Information Guide.

In regards to bringing in outside food specifically, no where does it specify you can’t bring food in. We’re trying to confirm to be sure and will update when we do.

Bags and Backpacks (as of 9/27/21)

Bag restrictions are in place for the 2021 season. Only purses and wallets smaller than 9 x 5 inches will be permitted into Wrigley Field as well as medical bags and manufactured diaper bags that accompany guests with young children.

Please note medical and diaper bags will be tagged by Wrigley Field staff upon entry. Additionally, no umbrellas or coolers of any size can be brought into Wrigley Field. Bags are subject to inspection. 

Bottles, Cans and Outside Beverages (as of 9/27/21)

Factory-sealed plastic bottles as well as a personal amount of food (in a small, disposable bag) can be brought into the ballpark. No glass bottles, cans, alcoholic beverages or thermoses or coolers of any kind may be brought into Wrigley Field.

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