TIAA Bank Field Vegan Guide 2023 (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Jacksonville Jaguars Vegan

The vegan options at TIAA Bank Field are pretty solid for an NFL Stadium. Many of the simple concession favorites like popcorn and pretzels are vegan, along with some more unique items.

You may have to make a couple modifications, but that’s okay, we got you covered on exactly how to order each item.

A big thank you to the Jaguars Fan Experience team who helped us put this list together!

We also gathered the policies you need to know for bringing food into the stadium along with a couple recommendations of vegan-friendly options nearby. Enjoy the game!

Vegan Options at TIAA Bank Field

General Bowl Concessions:

  • Peanuts (Located at Stadium Classics, Bono’s, Beer Markets, South End Zone Market)
  • Popcorn (Located at Stadium Classics, Smokey Que’s BBQ, South End Zone Market)
  • Pretzels (Located at Stadium Classics, Monster Pie, South End Zone Market)
  • French Fries* (Located at 904 Prime Burger, Tailgate Grill, Wings, Fries & Brews, Fat Rooster)
    *Potential cross contaminated if used in a fryer with Tenders/Wings*
  • Loaded Baked Potato – Modified with no toppings (Located at Smokey Que’s BBQ)

Gallagher Club Concessions:

All items listed above with the additions of:

  • Edamame Dumplings* (Located at Wings, Fries & Brew)
    *Potential cross contaminated if used in a fryer with Tenders/Wings*
  • Noodle Bowl – Vegetable (Located at Wings, Fries & Brew)
  • MedEx Chicken Bowl served with rice, tomatoes, lettuce, pita bread with White or BBQ sauce – Modified with no chicken or sauce (Located at Stadium Classics)

Please note that these concession items are subject to change and there is no guarantee that these items will be available on gameday. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Go Jags!

Can I Bring Food Into TIAA Bank Field?

TIAA Bank Field
Aerial View of TIAA Bank Field (Photo Credit: NEFLO PHOTO /

Thinking about trying to bring your own food into the stadium? Here are some TIAA Bank Field policies that you need to be familiar with. We pulled these directly from the Jaguars Fan Guide:

Bag Policy (as of 9/1/21)

The Jaguars follow the NFL policy that limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into the stadium. The Jaguars strongly encourage fans to not bring any type of bag to the game.

Fans are permitted to carry a clutch, bag or wallet no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″, one-gallon clear plastic bag or CLEAR bag no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″. For more details, fans can visit in a new tab.. Prohibited bags CANNOT be folded or rolled up inside clear bags.

Food Policy (as of 9/1/21)

Outside food is permitted inside TIAA Bank Field for Jacksonville Jaguars home games, provided it is unwrapped and placed inside a one-gallon clear plastic bag no larger than 11″ x 11″.

All food items are subject to visual inspection and may be subject to a more thorough inspection if determined to be necessary. No outside liquids or beverages will be permitted to enter TIAA Bank Field. Any medically-necessary exceptions must be pre-approved by the Jaguars. Fans can contact (904) 633-2000 (option 1) or to be considered for approval.

This last one we spotted under Prohibited Items:

Bottles and beverages from outside the stadium (except one factory sealed plastic bottle of water 16.9 oz or less per ticket holder)

Vegan Options Near TIAA Bank Field

We also did a bit of researching looking at the area around the stadium to find a couple spots nearby if you want to grab a bite to eat before or after the game.

This is not a comprehensive list (there’s actually a really good selection of vegan spots to choose from in the area), just a few places that caught our attention.

Hotdog Party – Mobile Cart

Jacksonville has a vegan mobile hotdog cart. How cool is that?!?

They are a mobile cart, so there is not a set location. Check their instagram (@thehotdogparty) for times and locations. If you’re able to catch them in the area before or after a game, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Murray Hillbilly

1044 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32205

I’m gonna be honest here. When I first saw some of the pictures of the food from Murray Hillbilly, I almost passed by it because I thought, “well, that food is obviously not vegan.” Wrong.

Murray Hillbilly is a vegan soul comfort food establishment. I was most impressed with their vegan Wingz that include a sugar-cane “bone”. They’re amazing.

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