Target Field Vegan Options 2023 (Minnesota Twins)

Minnesota Twins Vegan

Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins had a few vegan options for the 2022 season. We are currently waiting to hear back from their fan guest services to learn what the 2023 vegan menu looks like or if it is close to last year’s.  

If you prefer to play it safe and want to know if you can take in your own food, we share their food, beverage and even bag policies below. 

Finally, we also did a bit of research around the stadium to find a couple of good spots to grab some vegan eats before or after the game.

If you happen to learn more before we do, please let us know so that we can update and improve this guide for the vegan baseball fans in our VeggL community!

Vegan Options at Target Field

Most Concessions

  • Peanuts
  • Cracker Jacks

The following information is from the 2022 season. The only direction we were given to find vegan options was to look at the MLB app. There is no info for vegan options on there that we can find so we are waiting to hear back from the Target Field’s fan services with this information.

Until then, may the 2022 season information can help some. Be aware that we have not confirmed this is still the same though. If you happen to learn more before we do, please let us know so we can update the guide. 

Section 109 & 305

  • Vegan Burger (Check to make sure burger is not served with non-vegan components like cheese, bun or mayo. We have not been able to confirm how the burger is served.)

Section 120

Hot Indian Foods

  • Hot Indian Vegan Chana

Section 129

Kosher Cart

  • Sriracha Brat 

Truly On Deck

Truly On Deck is advertised to have ‘Assorted Salads’. We have not been able to confirm which, if any, are vegan but it could be worth checking.

Can I Bring My Own Food to Target Field?

Target Field

Here is some info that we gathered that will come in handy if you’re thinking about taking your own food into the game. These were taken directly from Target Field’s Information Guide.

Food Policy (as of 3.31.23)

  • Outside food is allowed into Target Field.
  • Hard-sided containers (Tupperware, hard-sided coolers, Thermos’) are not allowed into Target Field.
  • No outside food may be brought into any bar, restaurant, or suite areas at Target Field.

Bag Policy (as of 3.31.23)

  • Single-compartment bags (maximum size of 16”x16”x8”) are allowed into Target Field. These include purses, clutch purses, single-compartment tote bags, clear bags, drawstring bags, diaper bags, single-compartment soft-sided coolers, fanny packs and bags containing medically necessary items.
  • Backpacks, multi-compartment laptop bags, duffel bags or any bags over the size requirement are not allowed into the ballpark.
  • To expedite entry into Target Field, the Twins recommend that guests come without bags whenever possible.
  • The Minnesota Twins reserve the right to inspect and remove any package or container or their contents.

Beverages Policy (as of 3.31.23)

  • Sealed, bottled water 32 oz. or less, and soft sided single juice or milk containers for children are the only outside beverages permitted into Target Field.
  • Flavored water, performance beverages (Gatorade, Powerade, etc) are NOT permitted into Target Field.
  • Guests may bring liquids required for legitimate medical purposes into Target Field.

Vegan Options Near Target Field

We also did a bit of research around Target Field to find a couple good places to grab some vegan eats if you want to meet up with some friends for a bite before or after the game.

The Herbivorous Butcher

507 1st Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

A mile and a half from the Target Field, just over the Mississippi River is the permanent location for The Herbivorous Butcher.

We had to include The Herbivorous Butcher because it is on our short list of places we want to visit. Chances are, you’ve heard of The Herbivorous somewhere along the way if you’ve been vegan for awhile. They are very well known for their faux meats, jerkies and more.

If you’re in town for a game and don’t get a chance to visit this location, don’t worry, they ship nationwide and you order starter kits and a jerky of the month club from their website.

Insane Vegan

1025 Currie Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Insane Vegan is located less than a half mile south of the stadium and has some amazing reviews so far for what looks to be a relatively new restaurant.

The most popular menu items are the Crazy BBQ Thang, Loaded Burger Rolls and the Spicy Potato Salad.

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More Info:

  • If you’d like to get more info on Target Field for things like tickets, parking, etc, you can go to their official page here onOpens in a new tab. To see a full list of all the concession stand offerings at Target Field, check out their Concessions Page.
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