Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Vegan Options 2023 (Cleveland Cavs)

Cleveland Cavs Vegan

We’ve tried contacting Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, home of the Cleveland Cavs, but unfortunately we’ve not been able to reach anyone who can help us with what vegan options are available in the arena.

We’ll keep reaching out (we’re kind of relentless that way), but in the meantime we do have some info that may come in handy for you if you’re heading to a Cavs game (or a concert).

We have the policies you need to be aware of if you decide to try to bring food in with you and we have a couple nearby vegan-friendly restaurants that you can check out before or after the game.

Finally, if you’d like to encourage Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse to reach out to us so we can get the list of vegan options in the arena to share with the vegan community – you can reach them at

Vegan Options at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Like we mentioned above, we’re not aware of any vegan options inside Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, at least not yet.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, it just means we haven’t received any confirmation from the arena or feedback from our community on things that they have found.

If you know something that we don’t, please let us know so that we can improve this guide and help others find what to eat!

Can I Bring Food Into Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse?

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

If bringing your own food into the arena is something you’re thinking about doing, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with these policies at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. We pulled these directly from the arena’s A to Z Guide.

Food and Beverage (as of 9/21/21)

Guests are not permitted to bring food or beverages, including alcoholic beverages, inside Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Restaurants and concession stands are located throughout the building and offer a variety of food as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Bags, Backpacks and Purses (as of 9/21/21)

For security purposes, only small personal bags (purses, baby or diaper bags, etc.) will be permitted inside Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse and will be subject to search at all entrances.

Large bags, coolers, backpacks and sealed packages (including gifts for performers) of any kind are not permitted.

Vegan Options Near Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

We also looked for vegan-friendly options nearby the arena in case you’d like to meet up with friends before or after the game. This is by no means a complete list of all possible locations, just a couple that caught our eye.

The Vegan Comfort Kitchen

1020 Kenilworth Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

Located about a mile and a half south of the arena is The Vegan Comfort Kitchen. From their Shells  & Cheeze, to their Cinnamon Rolls and Cookies – their food looks amazing!

Looking at the Google reviews, it appears their food tastes as good as it looks too considering they still have a 5 star rating (as of the time of writing this guide). The Vegan Comfort Kitchen will definitely be on our checklist if we end up at a Cavs game.

Anna in the Raw

Lobby of IMG Building, 1360 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

Anna in the Raw is a raw vegan spot with food, desserts and juices. They’re located just a half mile west of the arena and have amazing reviews.

The one thing that really caught our attention in the reviews is that everyone seems to mention Anna herself. In our experience when the person whose name is on the building is completely involved in the day to day, that’s normally a good thing!

Also in the area… We also noticed a Chipotle and Starbucks that look to be within possible walking distance of the arena (two of our favorite spots!)

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