Lucas Oil Stadium Vegan Options 2024 (Indianapolis Colts)

Indianapolis Colts Vegan

It’s not a lot but there just might be enough vegan options at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, to get you through a game or event. 

If you have thought about bringing your own food in, we suggest looking below the vegan options. We have shared what the bag policy along with if you can bring in outside food and drinks.

Finally, we researched around the stadium to find a couple of good vegan-friendly spots close by.

If you know something we don’t, please reach out and let us know so we can make this guide better!

Vegan Options at Lucas Oil Stadium

Most Locations

  • Peanuts
  • Potato Chips. Check ingredients
  • Candy. Check ingredients
  • Fries*

LightLife Indiana Burger

Verify the toppings are all vegan when ordering.

  • Section151
  • Sections 306 and 347
  • Sections 516 and 543
  • East Street Grill

Veggie Hummus Wrap and Lay’s Potato Chips

Check the ingredients on the chips. 

  • Section 127
  • Section 326
  • Section 527 

Dippin’ Dots

  • Sections 114 and 142

Vegan Chicken Tenders or Fajitas

  • Clubs & Suites

If you learn of any other vegan options or notice any changes need to be made to this guide, please let us knowOpens in a new tab.!

Can I Bring Food Into Lucas Oil Stadium?

Lucas Oil Stadium

If you are thinking about bringing your own food to the stadium, here are a few policies at Lucas Oil Stadium that you will want to be familiar with. These were all pulled from the Colts’ Gameday A to Z GuideOpens in a new tab..

Bag Policy (as of 8.22.23)

  • Bags that are clear and do not exceed 12″x6″x12″ ARE permissible. 
  • Small clutch bags no larger than 4.5″x6.5″ CAN be taken into the stadium in addition to one of the accessible clear bags. 

No regular purses, backpacks, etc are permitted. 

Food & Beverage (as of 8.22.23)

Not Permitted:

  • Liquor containers, bottles, cans, or coolers (except for guests with special medical or dietary needs)
  • Food not dispensed by Lucas Oil Stadium concessionaires

The Special Dietary/Medical Needs section of stadium policies does say:

Individuals with special dietary/medical needs should contact a First Aid or Guest Services staff at their entry gate for the locations to store special-needs items such as prescription drugs, dietary foods or beverages.

That appears to be an option for you. The stadiums who do allow food to be brought in require it to be in a bag approved by their bag policy so while we have not confirmed this is the case here, it might be a good rule to follow. 

Vegan Options Near Lucas Oil Stadium

Finding a good place to get a bite to eat before or after the game is always part of our gameday experience. We did the same ‘due diligence’ we would do for ourselves, looking close to the stadium to find a couple of good vegan-friendly spots.

Don’t forget to verify the operating hours of the restaurant you choose, to make sure it will be open, when making plans. 

The Alkaline Electric Goddess

49 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46204Opens in a new tab.

The closest vegan restaurant to the stadium at just over a 1/2 mile northeast. Great reviews too! You can find BBQ, southern greens, mac n cheez, nachos, tacos, cornbread, bowls, smoothies and dessert at the Alkaline Electric Goddess. 

Black Leaf Vegan Cafe

335 W 9th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202Opens in a new tab.

Breakfast bagels, loaded nachos, burgers and desserts… simple but delicious looking vegan menu. Black Leaf Vegan Cafe is about a mile and a half north of the stadium. 

–> If you are looking for a restaurant with mixed options (omni & vegan), there are a few chains super close. Click on the name… it will take you directly to our vegan guide for that restaurant:

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More Links and Info

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