Keybank Center Vegan Options 2023 (Buffalo Sabres)

Buffalo Sabres Vegan Options

Trying to gather the vegan options at KeyBank Center, home of the Buffalo Sabres, has proven to be harder than it probably should be.

Long story short we got a list of all the menu items at KeyBank, but the arena passed the buck to Delaware North (the concession supplier for the arena) when we pressed about what vegan options were available.

Now, we’re waiting for Delaware North to respond to our requests. Honestly, why does it have to be this hard?

We’ll keep reaching out, but in the meantime we do have the policies you need to know if you’re thinking about just bringing your own food to the arena.

We also have two suggestions for two vegan-friendly locations close to the arena where you can grab some food before or after the game.

Vegan Options at KeyBank Center

Please Read: We have received zero confirmation that ANY of the following options are vegan. We are listing items that MIGHT be vegan based upon the full menu of the arena we were sent.

Check with each location to inquire if the following items are vegan or not.

There is a Beyond Burger Basket located at Lakefront Section 101 and 306, Burger Section 321. Again, we don’t know if it comes with non-vegan friendly condiments, a vegan bun or even cheese. Please ask.

There is a Rachel’s Mediterranean location located at Section 124. They have a few items that look like they MIGHT be vegan-friendly.

Again, we have not received any confirmation these items are vegan. We are simply giving you what we think might be the best locations where you can ask if they carry something you can eat.

If we get more info from Delaware North, we will update this guide.

Can I Bring Food Into Keybank Center?

If you’re contemplating bringing your own food to the game, there are a few policies at Keybank Center that you need to aware of. We pulled these directly from their Arena Guide.

Bag Policy (as of 1.31.23)

All bags, backpacks and purses are prohibited. Clutches no larger than 4 x 6 x 1.5” are permitted and will be subject to visual inspection. Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items and diaper bags after they go through a thorough security screening.

Concession Stands (as of 1.31.23)

For the safety of our staff and guests,  all concession stands are cashless. 

Outside food and drink are generally not allowed in KeyBank Center. However, our policy continues to allow guests to bring outside food or beverage into KeyBank Center when the food or beverage are required for medical purposes.

Guests that have questions regarding this policy should contact KeyBank Center guest services at or 716-855-4100.

Vegan Options Near Keybank Center

Strong Hearts

295 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14201Opens in a new tab.

1.5 miles away from the stadium is a 100% vegan restaurant with nachos, wings, sandwiches, burgers, salads, sides like potato salad, and smoothies. 

Cafe 59

62 Allen St, Buffalo, NY 14202

Cafe 59 isn’t 100% vegan, but they do have lots of (clearly marked) vegan options on their menu. They have even more vegetarian options with suggestions on how to sub items to easily make them vegan. (Usually just omitting the cheese)

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More Links and Info

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