Golden 1 Center Vegan Options (Sacramento Kings)

Sacramento Kings Vegan

While we haven’t pinned down the exact vegan options at Golden 1 Center yet, we do have locations in the arena where vegan food is supposed to be able to be found.

In this guide we’ve also included the policies you need to know if you want to bring your own food into the arena as opposed to finding something once you’re there. Finally, Jen and I give you a couple recommendations for good vegan-friendly restaurants.

Vegan Options at Golden 1 Center

We haven’t been able to hunt down specific options (yet!), but we have found locations in the arena that are supposed to carry vegan options.

Hopefully, this gets you pointed in the right direction and then if you find out what they actually serve, you can let us know, and then we’ll update this guide to help the rest of the community! (Bonus: Send us pics of the food and if we add them here we’ll give you full photo credit!)


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Can I Bring Food Into Golden 1 Center?

Thinking about bringing your own food to the game? Here are some of the prohibited items at Golden 1 Center that you need to make yourself aware of (They actually list food and beverages as a prohibited item twice so I think they’re pretty serious about it). These were pulled directly from their Prohibited Items List.

Prohibited Items* (as of 9/22/21)

  • Bottles or cans
  • Backpacks
  • Bags larger that 8″x6″1″
  • Food coolers
  • Outside food/beverages (baby food permitted)
  • Food, beverage, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers, drugs, illegal substances

*This is not a complete list of all the prohibited items at Golden 1 Center, just a few we felt relevant to bringing food and/or beverages into the arena.

Vegan Options Near Golden 1 Center

Jen and I always like to find great vegan-friendly spots close to the arena to grab some food before or after the game (or concert!). So, we looked around Golden 1 Center to find a couple good spots. This is by no means all the options in the area, just a couple that caught our attention.

Burger Patch Midtown

2301 K St Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95816

Burger Patch Midtown is located just over a mile east of the arena and serves up a variety of vegan burgers, shakes and sides. We could be wrong here, but Burger Patch reminds me of a vegan version of Cookout in all the best ways.

If you get a chance to check them out, don’t pass up the opportunity to grab one of their shakes. They’re well worth the calories!

VEG Cafe & Bar

2431 J St 2nd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95816

VEG Cafe & Bar sits just a couple blocks away from our first recommendation, Burger Patch. They have a diverse menu of plant based, brunch, lunch and dinner items from starters through desserts.

The crepes and the curry both have amazing reviews, so depending on what you’re in the mood for there is no lack of great options on the menu.

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More Links and Info

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