Gillette Stadium Vegan Options 2024 (New England Patriots)

New England Patriots Vegan

Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots is lacking in vegan options but they do have one that everyone has access to for the 2023 season.  

In this guide, we also included Gillette Stadium’s policies for bringing food into the game in case you’re thinking of going that route.

Finally, we were given the most helpful information from a VeggL user if you prefer to eat at a restaurant before or after the game or event you are attending. 

If you know something we don’t or see a change that needs to be made to this guide, please reach out and let us know! We consistently want to keep our guides up to date and your insight can be very helpful. 

Vegan Options at Gillette Stadium

Vegan Beyond Meat Burger

Tailgate Grill

  • Sections 115 & 131
  • Sections 316 & 338

Club Level

  • Vegan Sloppy Joe

Can I Bring Food Into Gillette Stadium?

Gillette Stadium

Thinking about bringing your own food to your next Patriots game? Here are some policies at Gillette Stadium that you need to be aware of. These policies were pulled directly from Gillette Stadium’s A to Z Guide

Bag Policy (as of 8.28.23)

Only clear plastic bags that comply with the Gillette Stadium Bag Policy are allowed into Gillette Stadium on ALL ticketed event and game days. Compliant bags are defined below. This policy is in effect for all Gillette Stadium ticketed events.

Bags of any kind are prohibited except:

  • One-gallon clear, plastic freezer bag (does not exceed 11″ x 11″)
  • Bag that is clear plastic, vinyl or PVC (does not exceed 12″x 12″ x 6″)
  • Small wristlet or handheld wallet, with or without handle strap (does not exceed 6.5″ x 4.5″)

If you wish to request an exception to the stadium’s bag policy, for medical supplies (e.g., breast pump, etc.) or dietary considerations, please send an email, at least 48 hours in advance of the event you plan to attend, to You will receive a response within 48 hours of sending your email.

Prohibited Items* (as of 8.28.23)

  • Coolers or containers, including cans, bottles, and kegs
  • Food or beverages**

*This is not a complete list of Prohibited Items, only those we felt pertained to bringing food and/or beverages into the stadium.

**If you wish to request an exception to the stadium’s bag policy, for medical supplies or dietary considerations please send an email to

Vegan Options Near Gillette Stadium

We always like to grab a bite to eat before (and sometimes after!) the game. 

The options we are sharing below were provided by a VeggL user who visits this area often. They are in the Patriot Place. It’s the shopping plaza where Gillette Stadium is located. Thank you, Megan!! 

The quoted descriptions and details below were provided by Megan. 🙂

Citizen Crust

229 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035Opens in a new tab.

“Citizen Crust has appetizers, meals, and even a giant cotton candy for dessert! Tofu nuggets “tuggets”, sexy cauli appetizer (the BEST cauliflower wings I’ve ever had- and I’ve had a lot!), tofu sandwich, super food bowl, vegan chorizo bowl, curried seitan, vegan cheese for pizza, cotton candy dessert, etc. They also have a pick up area with some “ready to-go” meals in a refrigerated section, and I’ve spotted the superfood bowl there regularly.”


265 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035Opens in a new tab.

“Ancholitos makes vegan burritos, tacos, bowls, etc. They have impossible meat, vegan chipotle mayo, vegan cheese, fried plantains that you can use in their dishes (I typically get a vegan plantain burrito!). If you order online to pick up, vegan things are clearly marked.”

Bar Louie

232 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035Opens in a new tab.

Bar Louie offers an Impossible Burger but we have not confirmed if it is vegan in its entirety. We suggest asking if you plan to eat here. 


274 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035Opens in a new tab.

Tavolino offers two menu items that are vegan… Pasta Primavera and Risotto. 

Trader Joe’s

350 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035Opens in a new tab.

If any of these options are too much of a wait, you can stop by Trader Joe’s and pick up a wrap or other to-go items.

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