Gillette Stadium Vegan Options 2023 (New England Patriots)

New England Patriots Vegan

There aren’t an overwhelming number of vegan options at Gillette Stadium.

At the moment, from what we’re told, it’s a vegan burger. On the plus side it’s offered at a dozen different locations throughout the stadium so you should have one near your seat.

In this guide we also included Gillette Stadium’s policies for bringing food into the game in case you’re thinking of going that route.

Finally, we took a look around the stadium to find vegan-friendly options where you can get something to eat before or after the game.

If you know something we don’t, please reach out and let us know so we can make this guide better!

Vegan Options at Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium Guest Services informed us that currently the stadium’s lone vegan option is a vegan burger available at the following locations throughout the stadium.

We were told they do plan on adding more options throughout the course of the season. We’ll add them here when we learn they do.

Tailgate Grill (Sections 115, 131, 316 & 338)

  • Vegan Burger

Local Street Kitchen (Sections 108, 138, 308, 311, 330 & 333)

  • Vegan Burger

Lighthouse Grill (North End Zone)

  • Vegan Burger

Smokehouse Grill (South End Zone)

  • Vegan Burger

Can I Bring Food Into Gillette Stadium?

Gillette Stadium

Thinking about bringing your own food to your next Patriot’s game? Here are some policies at Gillette Stadium that you need to be aware of. These policies were pulled directly from Gillette Stadium’s A to Z Guide

Bag Policy (as of 9/14/21)

Only clear plastic bags that comply with the Gillette Stadium Bag Policy are allowed into Gillette Stadium on ALL ticketed event and game days. Compliant bags are defined below. This policy is in effect for all Gillette Stadium ticketed events.

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12.” (Official NFL team logo clear plastic tote bags will be available through club merchandise outlets or at nflshop.comOpens in a new tab.), or
  • No buckles, grommets/hardware or décor can be concealing any part of the bag. The bag literally must be all clear.
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziplock bag or similar).
  • Logo can only be on one side of the bag.
  • Small clutch bags, which cannot exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″ in size, with or without a handle or strap can be taken into the stadium with one of the clear plastic bags.

Prohibited Items* (as of 9/14/21)

  • Coolers or containers, including cans, bottles, and kegs
  • Food or beverages**

*This is not a complete list of Prohibited Items, only those we felt pertained to bringing food and/or beverages into the stadium.

**If you wish to request an exception to the stadium’s bag policy, for medical supplies or dietary considerations please send an email to [email protected]

Vegan Options Near Gillette Stadium

We took a look in the area right around the stadium to try to find a couple good vegan-friendly restaurants.

We always like to grab a bite to eat before (and sometimes after!) the game. We do the same research we do for our own trips and share that info with you.

Gillette Stadium was a unique challenge. When we searched vegan restaurants near Gillette Stadium, the choices that came up were 30 minutes away! With that being said, we did pivoted and found a couple of our favorite chains with good vegan options.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

201 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035

Red Robin has two different vegan-friendly burgers on their menu and this location is literally right next to the stadium. It might sound crazy, but this Red Robin is one of your best bets before or after a Patriots game unless you’re going to travel a ways away.

Plus, (for better or worse) it’s usually much easier to get non-vegan friends and family on board when your restaurant choice is, well, something like Red Robin.

If you decide to try out Red Robin, check out our Red Robin Vegan Guide for how to order everything vegan.

Olive Garden

392 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035

Like Red Robin, Olive Garden obviously isn’t a local vegan restaurant, but it’s your best other option if you’re trying to stay close to the stadium. Pasta is an easy choice here and the breadsticks are the star of the show in our opinion.

This location is right down the street from the stadium.

Here is our Olive Garden Vegan Guide to help you navigate the menu.

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