FLA Live Arena Vegan Options 2023 (Florida Panthers)

Florida Panthers Vegan Options

Multiple inquires to find out the vegan options at FLA Live Arena, home of the Florida Panthers, have unfortunately gone unanswered.

We’ll keep reaching out until we finally get an answer, but in the meantime we wanted to share some information that we thought could still be helpful for anyone heading to the arena.

We have the policies you need to know if you’re thinking of bringing your own food to FLA Live Arena and we have a couple recommendations for vegan-friendly restaurants close by.

If you’d like to encourage FLA Live Arena to get in touch with us so we can provide our community the vegan options available at the arena, try their live chat feature on their main page.

Vegan Options at FLA Live Center

Like we mentioned, we haven’t been able to confirm any vegan options in the arena (at least not yet!). It doesn’t mean they don’t exist, we just don’t know what they are.

If you know something we don’t, please let us know so that we can share that information on this guide!

Can I Bring Food Into the FLA Live Arena?

FLA Live Arena
Beautiful Aerial View of FLA Live Arena, home of the Florida Panthers (formerly BB&T Arena) Photo Credit: YES Market Media / Shutterstock.com

If you’re thinking of just bringing your own food to your next FLA Live Arena event, whether it’s a Panthers game or a concert, here are a few policies at the arena that you need to be aware of. We pulled these directly from their A to Z Guide.

Bag Policy (as of 10/4/21)

The FLA Live Arena encourages all fans to arrive early and travel light. No purses, backpacks, backpack purses, cinch bags, or sling bags will be allowed inside FLA Live Arena. Only diaper bags and small clutchs sized 4″x6″ and under will be allowed.

Container Policy (as of 10/4/21)

Cans, glass, metal or plastic beverage containers, as well as squeeze bottles or thermos bottles are not permitted in the FLA Live Arena. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the arena.

However, for most events, one (1) sealed bottle of water per person will be allowed in the FLA Live Arena. 

Please check the individual event page on the FLA Live Arena website or call us at 954-835-7000 for further information prior to attending the event as this policy may change depending on the event.

Food and Beverage (as of 10/4/21)

Guests of the FLA Live Arena are not allowed to bring in outside food and beverages (including alcohol) into any game, concert or event.  Sanza offers a wide variety of food and beverage options to accommodate fans with allergies, intolerances, restrictions or religious requirements. 

Guests may bring in one sealed plastic bottle of water per person for their personal use. No outside food or beverage unless for medical or religious purposes. These items must be in see-through plastic ziplock bags. 

No glass or metal bottles, cans or containers will be permitted.

Any guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or religious requirements should contact the FLA Live Arena at Kaseyb@floridapanthers.com or call 954-835-7000 to arrange approval prior to the event day. 

If you are unable to connect with a representative prior to the event, please notify the Event Staff upon arrival of your dietary needs. 

Items will be subject to a Supervisor or Managers approval.  Guest Service Center will not check-in any food and beverage items.  Unauthorized items may be asked to be disposed of prior to entering the arena.

Vegan Options Near FLA Live Arena

Jen and I like to visit vegan-friendly restaurants before or after the game (sometimes both!) as part of our gameday festivities. The first part of that process starts with doing some research for what’s good close by the arena.

Here is what we found when we took a look near FLA Live Arena. This isn’t every option by any means, just two that caught our eye.

Cauli Bites

12801 W Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323

Yard House

2610 Sawgrass Mills Cir Suite 1401, Sunrise, FL 33323

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