Barclays Center Vegan Options (Brooklyn Nets)

Brooklyn Nets Vegan

You are in luck! Up until December 2021 we had made multiple attempts of contacting the Barclay Center regarding their vegan options with no response. Then, we received an email from a VeggL user letting us know that a new 100% vegan restaurant had been added called, Kelewele.

We also have a couple suggestions for vegan-friendly locations where you can grab some food before or after the game (or both! We’re not here to judge!).

Finally, if you’d like to help us out by encouraging the Barclays Center to get in touch with us, you can reach them at [email protected].

Vegan Options at Barclays Center

We have reached out to the Barclay Center multiple times to enquire about their vegan options with no response; however, we did get an email on December 4, 2021 with info that a fully vegan restaurant has partnered with them and from the reviews we’ve seen and the owners story, you need to stop by!

  • Kelewele – 100% vegan/plant based restaurant featuring plantains (also on Grubhub’s Best of 2021 list: Ten Great NYC Burgers).

If you know of anything else confirmed vegan in the Barclay Center, please reach out to us and let us know!

Can I Bring Food Into Barclays Center?

Barclays Center

If you’re thinking about bringing your own food to the game, here are some policies at Barclays Center that you’ll want to be aware of. We pulled these directly from their A to Z Guide

Bag Policy (as of 9/20/21)

  • Backpacks and any bag measuring larger than 14″ x 14″ x 6″ ARE NOT PERMITTED
  • Drawstring backpacks and any bags measuring 14″ x 14″ x 6″ WILL BE ALLOWED

Barclays Center has implemented the above policy to ensure a safe and enjoyable event experience for all guests. Special consideration will be made for guests with medical needs and those caring for infants. This policy does not apply to credentialed media. All bags are subject to thorough screening and will be x-ray screened where available, which may delay entry into Barclays Center. Guests are strongly encouraged to leave their bags at home, or bring bags within the approved size and type.

Outside Food and Beverage (as of 9/20/21)

Outside food and beverage is not permitted. Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs. Guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or special needs should contact Guest Services by calling 917-618-6111 or by emailing [email protected]center.comOpens in a new tab. prior to attending the event to arrange for reasonable accommodations.

Glass bottles or metal canisters are strictly prohibited. Guests must dispose of the unauthorized items prior to entrance into the arena or return them to their vehicle. Guest Services Centers will not check-in or store any food or beverage items.

Vegan Options Near Barclays Center

We always like get something to eat before or after the game as part of our gameday experience. That always involves researching good vegan-friendly spots close to the arena. We did that for the Barclays Center and are sharing what we found with you. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, just a couple restaurants that caught our attention.


156 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

There is an amazing amount of choices to grab vegan food close to the arena, so why did we choose The VSPOT? It really came down to it’s proximity to Barclays Center (less than a 10 minute walk down 5th St), it’s review rating (a 4.4 with over 1000 reviews) and finally it’s menu.

You can order anything from empanadas to ‘chicken’ parm and people seem to love all of it. Definitely worth a look if you’re taking in a Nets game.

Next Level Burger Brooklyn

292 Ashland Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217

A 100% Plant Based Burger joint? Yep. That’s what you get when you visit a Next Level Burger. Located inside Whole Foods about two blocks from the arena, Next Level Burger serves up over a dozen really creative and amazing looking burgers.

If you get a chance to check out Next Level Burger, don’t forget about the shakes and sweet potato fries too!

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More Links and Info

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