SINBONO Vegan Bag Review – The Ava and The Vienna


At VeggL, you know we are primarily a resource helping you with what you can order vegan at chain restaurants, airports, sports venues, and amusement parks in the United States. 

So when the opportunity to review a vegan bag company shows up, I was thrilled and albeit, a little nervous. Because let’s be honest – I admire the creativity and artistry that goes into fashion but would not consider myself fashionable.

I would, however, consider myself artistic and that in itself is a beautiful connection to this line of compassionately-made handbags. 

I also am not going to just review an item and potentially promote it without feeling consciously well with the product and company. 

Who Is SINBONO and Why Did I Agree To Connect With Them?

Before agreeing to work with SINBONO, I began my due diligence into who they are, what their bags are made out of, what that looks like for the environment, are their employees treated well, how much the cost of the bags are, and ultimately, do I even like their styles?

In all honesty, after reviewing the SINBONO website, I believe they are very transparent with all of the questions I had. But let’s go through a few of them…

What Are SINBONO Bags Made Out Of?

SINBONO considers their bags to be of premium quality, “made out of responsibly recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed fruit materials rather than animal skin.”

According to their Sustainability and Materials page, plastic bottles are broken down into pellets that become polyester. And the reclaimed fruit materials are actually apple leather, which is literally reclaimed apple skins that become “a versatile, robust and affordable product that is soft to the touch and delivers on quality.”

How fascinating is this?

Not only are they choosing to re-use plastic but are also combining it with animal-free leather with benefits that include UV resistance, are hypoallergenic, and are fully biodegradable. 

To see more about the impact SINBONO’s bags make on the environment, you can read even more on their Sustainability and Materials page.

They mention that not only does the adoption of veganism lead to a lower carbon footprint by as much as 73% but also by re-using plastic, this reduces the amount of water consumed during production by 50%. 

Are the Employees of SINBONO Treated Well?

I will be honest, when I first made the decision to accept a bag from SINBONO to review, I had not looked deep enough into where the product was made. 

After receiving a shipping notification that my bags were coming from China, I became a bit concerned. I wanted to know what working conditions are acceptable to a company with vegan claims. 

This is when I found their Transparency page on the website. Not only do they utilize ISO 9001 certified factories but SINBONO, “consistently examines payroll and attendance sheets to make sure that workers are paid fairly and are not made to work excessive hours in a day.” 

They also state that the founder and design team regularly visit the factories to ensure they have a safe and ethical working environment.

We have not done extended research beyond the information given so if you have additional questions, I’m sure they would be happy to help. 

How Much Are SINBONO Bags and Do I Like Their Styles?

When initially hearing the claims that SINBONO offers vegan bags that are high-end and built to last for years, I was shocked to see they are also affordable. 

I will admit, the meaning of affordable varies from person to person. I typically am someone who chooses a vegan bag/purse under $100 and is more functional than fashionable. 

So when I see a bag that I get a sort of giddiness about, I’m ‘sure’ it’s going to be completely out of what I consider affordable. SINBONO’s bags are fairly priced between $69 – $139 with the average price being $109.

And before I tell you all about the Ava and Vienna bag, I have to mention these bags are both stunning and the material is incredibly soft. I have never felt a vegan leather like this before. 

The make of each bag is beautifully crafted as well. Not one stitch is out of place and the hardware feels secure.  

SINBONO’s design team has sincerely done a remarkable job.

The Ava Bag

SINBONO’s Vegan Orange Ava Bag

To put it bluntly, the moment I saw the orange Ava Bag, I knew it was for me. Just looking at this bag on the SINBONO website made me happy. But the moment it arrived and I opened it, I felt not only that joy but also a boost of confidence and felt stylish.

One of my favorite bags from over 10 years ago was orange and I’ll never forget it making me feel like I was stepping into who I picture myself as through a creative lens. My Ava bag by SINBONO makes me feel just like that but on a whole other upgraded level. 

The Ava Bag is currently $139 but with our VeggL 15% off discount, it lowers to $118.50. Get more information (and the discount) on the SINBONO Ava Handbag here.

Other than Orange, The Ava bag comes in the colors, Ivory, Black, Maroon Brown, Grass Green, Lake Blue, Purple, Green and Navy. 

And if you have a mini-me or prefer a teeny version of this bag, there is also a Mini Ava bag available. It is the cutest!

The Vienna Bag

SINBONO’s Vegan Black Vienna Bag

The Vienna Bag was not one I immediately picked out… not because I did not like it but because it’s not a style I gravitate towards when thinking about the purpose of the bag. For me to truly appreciate an item, I have to visually be able to see myself using it. 

Now that I have my Vienna Bag, I can tell you it is a statement with its chic small size, top handle, double zipper and gold hardware. It can also be worn as a cross-body. The modish gold chain is a weight that feels like good quality.

And while the gold chain is optional, Cosmopolitan shows a gold chain and/or hardware on at least 6 of its chic 2022 bag trends.

The Vienna Bag is currently $109 but with our VeggL 15% off link, it lowers to under $100! …to $92.65. Get more information (and the discount) on the SINBONO Vienna Bag here.

Other than Black, the Vienna comes in the colors, Grass Green, Brown, and Ivory. The Vienna also comes in 3 styles made with faux fur on the outside and faux suede lining. 


With leather you may not be familiar with, I want to put an emphasis on how easy SINBONO’s vegan leather is to clean. I have, a couple of times, noticed something I must have spilled or dribbled on my bag.

Not having any idea how long it had been there, I did get a little nervous each time. But, I followed the directions on SINBONO’S Product Care page and took a washcloth with a little water to wipe the bag. 

You are provided a dust cover to store your bags in to keep them clean. I would suggest visiting their products page for more information on storage. They give a lot of great info. 


You will see you can get a 15% discount on your first order at SINBONO, but you can get 15% off of every order, and you help us out a little at VeggL by purchasing your SINBONO Bag through our link.

Plus all purchases over $85 receive free shipping!

SINBONO offers beautiful vegan leather and unique styles that include shoulder bags, crossbody bags, satchel bags, bucket bags and the cutest mini bags. 

If I had not found inspiration and trust in this company, I would not have recommended it. 

I hope you find the bag that brings you joyful energy and a boost of confidence like I have; yet makes you feel at peace knowing you are doing the best you can in not causing harm to our beloved animals and the planet. 




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