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Do you love Rice but limit it because of the high carbohydrates & low protein?

Enter RightRice.

The creator of PopChips is at it again having launched the new Veggie Rice, RightRice. We have done a tasting of all 4 flavors and made separate dishes with each individual one finding what flavors mesh well.

Before we get in to the tastings, let’s go through the companies claims.

#1. RightRice claims to be, “Made From Vegetables.” In my opinion, this is not true. Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas are all legumes and Rice is a grain. According to the USDA, beans and legumes are a subgroup of Vegetables so maybe that’s where this is coming from. I don’t know? I have always been taught that there are Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Legumes, Nuts/Seeds, etc… all are in their own little group. There is already so much misinformation out there about food, we do not need more. In My Opinion.

#2. Way lower carbs/almost 40% fewer net carbs. When looking at the numbers, yes, the net number of carbs(carbs minus fiber) is much lower than white or brown rice. If you are just comparing carbs in general, there’s not that big of a difference based on 50grams.

#3. Double the protein. Yes! Yes, this rice has more than double the protein of white or brown rice.

#4. 5 times the fiber. If we’re only comparing to white rice which is what they did, then yes. Compared to brown rice, no.RightRice

Pros: Higher Protein, Fiber, Iron & Potassium; Lower Carbs. More filling in the belly due to the fiber. Cooks like couscous–in 15-20 minutes total time!
Cons: Cost for 4 servings of RightRice is $3.99; whereas, you can get 18-20 servings of organic white or brown rice for the same or close to the same cost. Also, as you can see above, the original RightRice, which is the plain one, already has 145mg of sodium. The other 3 flavors have 390mg. The original would be ok for a lower sodium diet since it is below the total calories but I would maybe stay away from the flavored.
Mid: I don’t mind this but if you love the texture of real rice then you may not be as big of a fan of RightRice. I feel like it is softer and grainier.


RightRice Tasting

Garlic Herb: This one has the most flavor to it. By itself, it was strong with herbs. I would suggest when choosing what to pair this with, I would let the rice be the star and most of the flavor. I prepared the Garlic Herb with white beans, broccoli & kale in a mushroom miso broth.

Lemon Pepper: This one has a great lemon flavor but in all honesty, I do not taste the pepper. I felt like the Lemon Pepper paired perfectly with Mediterranean ingredients. So Good! I created a salad with romaine, chickpeas, tomatoes, a homemade vegan tzatziki sauce(still working on the recipe), Kalamata olives, green onions and Violife feta cheese. (this bowl is the primary picture)

Spanish: Yum! If you love that rice you get out at a Mexican restaurant, this is it! The Spanish ‘rice’ pairs perfectly with vegan chorizo, refried beans, in a nacho salad or a burrito. Anything with a latin flair.

Original: Plane Jane. It’s perfect to accompany any flavor profiles. I have prepared The Orginal ‘rice’ with Gardein Mandarin Orange Chick’n, broccoli & spinach, and with a Red Lentil Curry. (<-I need to share my Red Lentil Curry recipe. It’s pretty good!)

Overall, for my style of cooking, I would choose the Original. I prefer to create the flavors with vegetables, herbs, beans and legumes then let the rice accompany it. But lets say the scenario is, I’m on the road or camping and need to pair the ‘rice’ with something with little flavor like beans, then I choose a flavored one first.

To rank them 1-4, it would go like this. Original, Spanish, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Herb.

Where Can You Find RightRice

Currently, Whole Foods is the only grocery store RightRice is located in. If you do not have a Whole Foods close by, you have the option to order on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime with Free Shipping, the cost still breaks down to $3.99/bag.

Editor’s Note: You can also follow the affiliate links on this page to purchase on Amazon. If you do, we (at no extra cost to you) earn a commission. If we help sell enough RightRice our plan is to buy the state of North Dakota. That’s a thing you can buy, right?

Happy Ricin’
Lemon Pepper RightRice


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