Is Qdoba No Longer Offering Impossible Meat?

Vegan Options at Qdoba

If the title of this article, “Is Qdoba no longer offering Impossible Meat?” shocks the hockey sticks out of you, it did for me too!

We received an email from a VeggL user last night (12.11.2022), informing us that they were not able to get Impossible from their local location in Longmont, Colorado. 

This person was told that Qdoba is dropping Impossible products altogether this week.

Once I read this, I immediately looked up Qdoba’s menu and then the online ordering for our closest location in Georgia. Their menu still shows Impossible Meat. And I am able to order ImpossibleOpens in a new tab. at my closest location.

From there, I reached out to Qdoba by every means I could.

I received 2 different responses. 

My first response said, “some of our locations are testing the elimination of Impossible as not many customers in that location were ordering it.”

Ok. That seems feasible. No longer offering it at locations that are not meeting demand. I remained hopeful at this point.

From there, we decided to stop by our closest location to order an Impossible Bowl and Burrito and ask what information they have. I mentioned what I had learned and asked if that store was no longer going to be offering it. I was told no. From what they know, Impossible is not being taken off their menu.

A few hours later, I received a different response from one of my inquiries that said, ‘Unfortunately, we are phasing this item out. Some stores may still have this item available for a short time.”

I explained what I had already learned that day to ask if the information was maybe getting mixed up and was met with this response, “It is being phased out of all locations.”

*As we learn more, I will keep this page updated.

–> Update: We received a 3rd response. This one is from Qdoba’s Guest Relations:

We are constantly evaluating what we’re offering in our restaurants, and a large portion of those decisions are influenced by feedback from valued guests such as yourself. That said, only certain locations are phasing out Impossible Meat, and some are going to keep it. I hope this helps!

What Does This Mean For Qdoba’s Impossible Meat?

So back to the question, Is Qdoba no longer offering Impossible Meat?

I’m not sure. It’s not feeling very hopeful at this point. But I am still contacting Qdoba at a higher level now that I have this mix of responses.

Do you notice that certain restaurants seem to get a splash on social media for carrying vegan/plant-based options. I never noticed this for Qdoba… I wonder why that is. 

They added Impossible meat to their menu in April 2019. I personally cannot remember it being made a big deal.

They even tried to highlight it for Earth DayOpens in a new tab. this year (2022).

I would hate to see a company that is trying to have to give up because it financially makes little sense for them to keep it. 

What Can We Do?

Have you visited your local Qdoba lately?

If we DO NOT want vegan/plant-based options to disappear, we need to make more of an effort in supporting them.

I wonder if the price tag for the Impossible Bowl/Burrito set some people back because it does appear pricey compared to their competitor, Chipotle, who offers Sofritas as their plant-based option.

I cost compared them at stores close to me. Qdoba’s price for their Impossible Bowls and Burritos are all-inclusive with your toppings. Whereas, ChipotleOpens in a new tab. has a base price then charges extra for guacamole. If you order, a Sofrita Bowl/Burrito from Chipotle WITH guac, it’s one penny off from Qdoba’s Impossible price. 

Check with your closest location and ask if they are going to no longer be offering Impossible. Ask if there is anything we can do to get it back. 

I am adding Qdoba’s contact linkOpens in a new tab. for you to let them know how you feel about it, in a kind manner, if this matters to you.

Vegan Options at Qdoba
Qdoba’s Impossible Burrito, Bowl and Chips.

What Can You Order Vegan at Qdoba?

If you haven’t been in a while or weren’t even aware that Impossible Meat was added to their menu in 2019, let’s go thru what you can order vegan.

With Impossible Meat:

  • Impossible Fajita Burrito or Bowl … comes with Impossible meat, grilled fajita vegetables, cilantro lime rice, black beans, salsa verde and chile corn salsa served in a bowl or wrapped in a flour or whole wheat tortilla. 
  • Impossible Taco Salad (in a Crunchy Tortilla Shell is optional). Order with NO cheese … comes with Impossible meat served on romaine lettuce, pinto beans, pico de gallo, roasted tomato salsa and crispy tortilla strips. 

Without Impossible Meat

  • Fajita Vegan Bowl … comes with sauteed fajita veggies, guacamole, pico de gallo, chile corn salsa, salsa verde, black beans and brown rice. 
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Chips & Guacamole

These are the easy orders. You can also create your own bowl or burrito! Did you know Qdoba offers toppings like pickled onion and pickled jalapeno? I like the variety they have from the toppings to the sauces. Very good!

Please check our Qdoba Vegan Guide for EVERY vegan option Qdoba offers, including info on salads, dressings and how to order vegan off their kids’ menu. 

And since I did mention Chipotle, I’ll leave their Vegan Guide here as well. 


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