Is Cracker Barrel’s Impossible Sausage Vegan?

Is Cracker Barrel Impossible Sausage Vegan

Have you heard the most recent vegan news from Cracker Barrel? 

They have officially added Impossible Sausage to ALL of their menus across the United States!

I hear you… every vegan is asking us, “but is it actually vegan?” The answer to this question depends on your personal opinions of cross-contamination.

In September of 2021, Cracker Barrel announced they were going to be testing Impossible Sausage in 50 of their locations. We had heard good things but the locations closest to us were not a part of the test. 

Now that it is available across the country, we stopped for breakfast this morning. 


When it comes to cross-contamination, we as vegans are aware that any restaurant that does not provide a 100% vegan kitchen can have cross-contamination issues. 

As we mention on all of our guides, you can choose your level of comfort with this. 

For example, Ryan is vegan. He does his best not to contribute to the cruelty and death of animals but does not mind if his burgers or fries share surfaces/fryers with animal products. 

Whereas, I (Jen) lean closer to the side of a pure vegan. This means if I know there are shared grills or fryers, I follow my intuition and most often do not order it. 

Is Cracker Barrel’s Impossible Sausage Actually Vegan?

With Cracker Barrel’s Impossible Sausage, the patties do not contain any animal-derived ingredients but they 100% do share a grill with animal products. 

As I mentioned above, as a vegan, you choose your level of comfort with this. 

What Did We Order For Breakfast?

When we stopped for breakfast this morning, we each ordered the Impossible Sausage and Grits. Since I knew I was only taking a couple of bites of the sausage to taste it, I also ordered the Fried Apples. And both of us got coffee. 

We were pleasantly surprised at how good and filling all of our food was. 

The Impossible Sausage was delicious. In all honesty, I have a couple of other frozen vegan sausage patties I prefer to buy at the grocery over Impossible. Cracker Barrel’s had a nice grill taste to it and they appeared a little bigger than the ones we get in the frozen section. 

The Fried Apples are bomb. Basically, it’s an apple pie without the crust… aka, the insides. Yum!

We both really liked their grits (no, they do not automatically come with butter).

I grew up getting their grits. Every time we would be on vacation, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel. Only, I would drown them with their warm pure maple syrup. This time, I added a teeny bit of maple syrup and topped it with my fried apples. 

This combo should be on Cracker Barrel’s menu. šŸ™‚

To see all of Cracker Barrel’s Vegan Options, check out our Cracker Barrel Vegan Guide

In Conclusion…

The Impossible Sausage does not contain any animal ingredients and therefore is vegan but does share a grill with animal products. You choose your level of comfort with this.

The only thing that would have made our experience just a tad bit better, was if Cracker Barrel had a non-dairy milk option for our coffee. 

Otherwise, we had a nice and filling breakfast. Very nostalgic for both of us. 

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