Is Chick Fil-A Sauce Vegan?

Is Chick Fil-A Sauce Vegan

Chick Fil-A doesn’t serve vegan chicken (at least not yet!), but there are some good options at Chick Fil-A that you can build a solid lunch with. Part of what makes those options good is some of the dipping sauces and dressings that you can use to “flavor up” those vegan-friendly menu items.

Is Chick Fil-A Sauce one of those vegan sauces that you can utilize at Chick Fil-A?

Is Chick Fil-A Sauce Vegan?

Unfortunately, no, Chick Fil-A sauce is not vegan as it contains egg. (Full ingredients listed just below)

But, before you despair, make sure that Chick Fil-A sauce is the actual sauce that you’re thinking of.

I work in athletics and Chick Fil-A is a very popular post-practice or post-game meal that we give to our guys. I can’t tell you how often I hear of another sauce that is referred to simply as “Chick Fil-A sauce”. That sauce? The Polynesian Sauce.

Is Chick Fil-A’s Polynesian Sauce Vegan?

Chick Fil-A Sauce and Polynesian Sauce
Chick Fil-A Sauce (on the left) is not vegan, but don’t get it confused with Polynesian Sauce (on the right) which IS vegan.

If you just looked at the pic of Polynesian sauce and thought, ‘wait, that’s the one I was thinking of!’, then get ready for some good news! (another pic of the single serve Polynesian sauce below)

Chick Fil-A’s delightful sweet and sour sauce known as Polynesian sauce is, in fact, vegan. So whether it’s a modified cool wrap or even some waffle fries, then go right ahead and dip till your heart’s content.

Full Ingredients

If you’re someone who likes to check the details yourself (like we do!), then here are the Chick Fil-A sauce ingredients pulled directly from it’s page on Chick Fil-A’s website–along with the ingredients for the Polynesian SauceOpens in a new tab..

Chick Fil-A Sauce Ingredients

Soybean oil, sugar, bbq sauce [tomato paste, corn syrup, vinegar, natural hickory smoke flavor, caramel color, spices, garlic*, onion*, natural flavor, oleoresin paprika], water, mustard (distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, spice, garlic*), distilled vinegar, egg yolk, salt, cider vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, mustard flour, xanthan gum, natural flavor, garlic*, calcium disodium edta added to protect flavor. *dehydrated.

Chick Fil-A Polynesian Sauce Ingredients

Polynesian Sauce (sugar, soybean oil, water, corn syrup, corn cider vinegar, distilled vinegar, tomato paste, salt, paprika, mustard seed, modified cornstarch, beet juice (color), onion*, garlic*, xanthan gum, propylene glycol alginate, natural flavor. *dehydrated.

What Else is Vegan at Chick Fil-A?

We’ve got one vegan sauce and one not so much. But, that doesn’t help much if there is nothing to put it on. So, what else is vegan at Chick Fil-A?

Here are a few of the vegan options at Chick Fil-A:

Chick Fil A Wrap and Fries
The Chick Fil-A Cool Wrap with no chicken, cheese or dressing with a side of Waffle Fries.
  • Cool Wrap. Order with NO chicken, cheese or avocado lime dressing (contains buttermilk). Awesome by itself or ask for one of the Vegan Dressings or Sauces below to top with.
  • Waffle Fries. These are awesome with one of the vegan sauces listed below.
  • Kale Crunch Side. No substitutions needed!

The cool wrap is more of a complicated order than I typically like to recommend at a fast food restaurant. In my experience, the more complicated the order, the more opportunity for your order to come out incorrect.

However, I’ve never had an issue with ordering this modified cool wrap. Never had to give a lengthy explanation of what I wanted and never had it come out wrong. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I’ve not had a bad experience ordering it.

For a complete list of everything vegan at Chick Fil-A, make sure to check out our Chick Fil-A Vegan Guide.

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