Vegan Options at Taco Bueno (Updated 2024)

Vegan Options at Taco Bueno

On a recent cross-country trip to the Grand Canyon, we came across Taco Buenos for the first time when going through Texas and Oklahoma. Turns out there are quite a few Taco Buenos in the that area of the country.

Most Mexican Fast Food has become pretty vegan friendly. Ordering at Taco Bell or Del Taco is pretty easy nowadays. (And Taco Bell doesn’t even have a faux meat… yet).

When we did our research on Taco Bueno we were pretty disappointed to see that not only do they not have any Impossible or Beyond on their menu, but their refried beans are seasoned with rendered bacon fat.

Obviously, this severely limits the vegan options at Taco Bueno. There are a few, but don’t expect a vegan friendly oasis in the middle of the Texas sun here.

Complete Taco Bueno Vegan Menu

Tex-Mex Platters*

2022 update: We have 2 Black Bean Platters listed but they are no longer listed on Taco Bueno’s website as a menu item. Check with your location for availability.

  • Black Beans & Cilantro Lime Rice Platter. Order with NO sour cream.
  • Black Beans & Mexi Rice. Order with NO sour cream.

Chips & Dips

  • Chips & Guac


  • Cinni Chips

Always keep in mind that Cross-Contamination is an issue at almost all fast food restaurants. Here is Taco Bueno’s official statement on the issue:

Like most restaurants, we prepare and serve products that may contain egg, milk, soy, wheat or other allergens. The Food Allergy & Sensitivity information displayed on this site is based on standard product formulations and is current as of last update.

While a particular ingredient may not contain one of these allergens, our products may be prepared on the same equipment and in the same kitchen area as those that do.

We cannot guarantee that cross contact with allergens will not occur and neither Taco Bueno our employees, nor our franchisees assume any responsibility for a person’s sensitivity or allergy to any food item provided in our restaurants.

Taco Bueno Vegan FAQ

Are the Taco Bueno Churros Vegan?

The Churros at Taco Beuno are made with egg whites, so no, they are not vegan. This information was obtained directly from their Allergen page.

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Our Picks

Ryan’s Pick: Once we found out that the refried beans contained bacon fat we decided to take a pass on trying out Taco Bueno. We almost drove through just to try out the Cinna Chips, but ended up just going elsewhere.

Jen’s Pick: N/A.

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