Vegan Options at Steak n’ Shake (Updated 2021)

Vegan Options at Steak 'n Shake

With no plant-based burger and no non-dairy milkshakes, the vegan options at Steak n’ Shake become pretty scarce. If you’re vegan at Steak n’ Shake you’re going to be choosing between a boring salad or a random collection of sides. Here’s to hoping Steak n’ Shake jumps on the plant-based burger bandwagon that is becoming more and more popular.

We wouldn’t be mad about a non-dairy milkshake either 😉

VeggL Quick Order

Are you in the Steak n’ Shake dining room and need to figure out what to order, like NOW!?! Here is what we recommend:

  • We don’t like giving this as our first recommendation, but your best bet may be just to play it safe and order a garden salad (no cheese and croutons) with Light Italian Dressing (the only vegan dressing option)
  • Grab and order of Fries (Cajun or Thin ‘n Crispy). Cross-contamination my be a concern with the fryer so skip this one if that’s a concern for you.
  • Finally, this might take a little explaining through the order, but you could customize an order of Spaghetti (plain) with Baked Beans. The spaghetti is typically served with Steak n’ Shake’s Chili on top, but there should be no reason you can’t order both sides a la carte.

Vegan Options at Steak n’ Shake


  • Garden Fresh Salad – Order with NO Cheese and NO croutons
  • Oyster Crackers
  • Saltine Crackers

Vegan Dressings

  • Light Italian


  • Spaghetti
  • Baked Beans
  • Cajun Fries
  • Garden Salad – Doesn’t come with cheese anyway, but still NO croutons.
  • Thin ‘n Crispy Fries
  • Applesauce

Vegan on the Kid’s Menu

  • Applesauce
  • Baked Beans
  • Fresh Banana
  • Honest Kids Organic Appley Ever After (Apple Juice)

Vegan Breakfast Options

I honestly did not know until researching for this guide that Steak n’ Shake served Breakfast. Not a ton of option here either though.

  • Hash Brown, Crispy Patty
  • Hash Browns, Shredded
  • Bagel – The Bagel Sandwich is fairly obviously not vegan, but the bagel itself is.

Steak n’ Shake’s official statement regarding cross-contamination:

While a particular ingredient statement for an individual product may not list one of these allergens, our products
may be prepared in an environment that is shared with products containing one or more of these allergens.
Accordingly, Steak ’n Shake cannot assure that any menu item will be “allergen free.”

While we can’t confirm this (yet), based on experience we would imagine this would be especially true for the fries and hash browns in the fryer. Make sure to check with your server if this may be an issue for you.

Steak n’ Shake FAQ

Steak n Shake
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Are Steak n’ Shake’s Onion Rings Vegan?

According to Steak n’ Shake’s ingredients list, their onion rings contain whey. This means they are not vegan. Whey is also the last ingredient listed meaning it’s the smallest amount of any ingredient in the onion rings. So close Steak n’ Shake. So close.

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Our Picks

Ryan’s Pick: Have not been to a Steak n’ Shake in a long time, definitely not since going vegan. Will update here if I do.

Jen’s Pick: N/A.

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