Vegan Options at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Updated 2023)

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Vegan

Like many ‘family style’ chain restaurants, the vegan options at Perkins Restaurant are going to be limited to pretty much a handful of sides.

While doing our research on Perkins, we were hoping for at least a Beyond or Impossible Burger, but no plant-based burgers have found their way to the Perkins menu yet.

If you do end up at a Perkins, there are enough vegan options that you can piece together to make a meal. Here’s what we found.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Vegan Options

Breakfast Sides

  • Applesauce
  • Breakfast Potatoes
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Grits
  • Hash Browns*
  • Oatmeal – Order with NO milk
  • Toast** – Whole Wheat, White & Sourdough (The Rye Bread contains honey)
  • Bagels**
  • Tots

*Contain ‘natural and artificial flavors’. We have not been able to confirm with Perkins the source of these ‘natural and artificial flavors’.

**All the toast and bagel at Perkins contains ‘dough improver’ that contains enzymes. We’re working to get the source of those enzymes as well.

Lunch Appetizers

  • Crispy Fries
  • Crispy Tots
  • Fried Pickles*

*Breaded Pickle Chips contain ‘natural flavor’ that we haven’t been able to confirm the source of and they are processed in a facility that processes fish and shrimp products.

Dinner Sides

  • Baked Potato
  • Fresh Broccoli
  • Buttered Corn*
  • French Fries
  • Side of Fresh Fruit
  • Garden Salad – Order with NO cheese and NO croutons
  • Grilled Asparagus**
  • Homestyle Potatoes
  • Sautéed Spinach**

*Buttered Corn is made with a liquid margarine that contains ‘natural flavor’ that we haven’t yet confirmed the source of. Check to see if you can order without the margarine if this a concern for you.

**Grilled Asparagus and Sautéed Spinach are cooked with a Blended Soybean Oil that includes ‘natural and artificial flavors’ that we haven’t yet confirmed the source of.

Perkins Vegan FAQ

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiss /

Are Perkins Pancakes Vegan?

No. Unfortunately, none of the pancakes at Perkins are vegan. The buttermilk pancake batter and the potato pancake batter contain both dairy and eggs.

Does Perkins Have a Vegan Pie?

No. We went through the ingredients of every single pie offered at Perkins and none of them are vegan.

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