Vegan Options at Gold Star Chili (Updated 2023)

Vegan Options Gold Star

Having grown up in Ohio, neither one of us would have thought one of the Cincinnati Chili restaurants would ever offer a vegan option but guess who does… Gold Star Chili!

We learned about this from one of our VeggL users. To say we are thankful for our VeggL community is an understatement. 

Gold Star Chili’s rep confirmed the additional information we requested so we could provide you with every vegan option available and how to order it. 

If you are not familiar with Cincinnati Chili and how it got its start, I share the story in my Skyline Chili Vegan RecipeOpens in a new tab.. Variations, including Skyline and Gold Star, came from the original restaurant called, Empress.

Gold Star Chili’s Vegan Options

To preface, Gold Star Chili’s Vegetarian Chili states the following on the website:

…It tastes just like our original family-recipe chili, is made in small batches using a plant-based BEYOND MEAT® product and is gluten-free.

The Ways

Vegan Options at Gold Star Chili
Gold Star Chili Veggie 3-Way with NO cheese. One with onions the other with beans. 5/2023

One question you will have to ask yourself if choosing their Veggie Chili with Spaghetti* is which toppings you want on it. This is where “the ways” come in.

Sizes: Small, Regular or Super

  • Veggie 3-Way. Order with NO cheese … comes with spaghetti* and veggie chili
  • Veggie 4-Way. Order with NO cheese. Choose either onions or beans … comes with spaghetti* and veggie chili.
  • Veggie 5-Way. Order with NO cheese … comes with spaghetti*, veggie chili, onions and beans.

If choosing your Veggie Chili to-go, be aware that they will put the spaghetti and chili together but your toppings will go on the side for you to add when you’re ready to eat. 


  • Veggie Gorito. Order with NO cheese or ranch … comes with veggie chili and Fritos corn chips wrapped in a flour tortilla.


  • French Fries*
  • Veggie Chili Fries*. Order with NO cheese … comes with fries* and veggie chili.


  • Veggie Chili Salad. Order with NO cheese, sour cream or ranch. Ask to SUB with beans and onion … comes with mixed greens topped with veggie chili and Fritos corn chips.

* The spaghetti noodles may come in cross-contact with egg in the production facility. The fries share a fryer with animal menu items. As with any restaurant that is not 100% vegan or does not offer a designated cooking space for their vegan options, cross-contamination can occur and fryers/grills may be shared with animal products. You can choose what your level of comfort is with these potential issues.

Gold Star Chili Vegan FAQ

Vegan Options Gold Star Chili
Is Gold Star Chili’s Vegetarian Chili Vegan?

Yes! We received confirmation that the Vegetarian Chili at Gold Star Chili IS vegan. It also says this on their website:

…it’s gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian as well as delicious!

Is Gold Star Chili’s Spaghetti Vegan?

Gold Star Chili will NOT call their spaghetti vegan because it potentially comes in cross-contact with egg in the production facility. The ingredients; however, do NOT contain any animal. You choose your level of comfort. 

Are Gold Star’s Oyster Crackers Vegan?

When we visited in May of 2023, the oyster crackers I was given had dairy in them. So no, the oyster crackers at Gold Star are NOT vegan.

…and yes, I read the ingredients, then gave them back to the server so they weren’t wasted.

Are Gold Star Chili’s Fries Vegan?

The ingredients themselves are vegan; however, they do share a fryer with menu items containing animal. You choose your level of comfort. 

Is Gold Star Chili’s Veggie Sandwich Vegan?

No. Per a rep for Gold Star Chili, their hot dog bun is NOT vegan. 

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